International Women Coffee Alliance Appointed Dr. Sarada Krishnan as Executive Director

International Women Coffee Alliance Appointed Dr. Sarada Krishnan as Executive Director

June 2 - 2021 

Coffee Geography Magazine

InternationalWomen coffee Alliance chose a research scientist to lead the organization as Executive Director. Dr. Sarada Krishnan has an extensive career path in agricultural study as well as in empowering women to involve in coffee sector. 

Dr. Sarada Krishnan

Her background in coffee research and cultivation, including a Bachelor of Science in Horticulture from India, and a Master of Science in Horticulture from Colorado State University and her doctorate research at the University of Colorado focused on the conservation genetics of wild coffee in Madagascar has exclusively qualified her for her new post.

Dr. Krishnan currently serves as the Director of Horticulture and Center for Global Initiatives at the Denver Botanic Gardens. She has also served on several local, national, and international boards and committees, including projects with the USDA National Genetic Resources Advisory Council and as Vice President of Programs for Women First International Fund.

In Jamaica, she owns a coffee plantation in the region famously branded Blue Mountains Jamaica Coffee. Her business in the country drove her to become one of the founding member of the IWCA Jamaica Chapter.

“I am thrilled to lead IWCA and contribute to the empowerment of women in coffee by enabling success throughout the entire value chain through programs and partnerships,” Dr. Krishnan said.

IWCA was founded in 2003 to create business opportunities for women in coffee and enabling them to have good knowledge of the complex international structure of the commodity market with its global chapter network in 27 countries. 

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