Kivu Congo Coffee


Kivu is one location known for the farming of coffee - it's the general name for East Congo, or Kinshasa. Green coffee production has risen as high as 960 tons recently - a drop in the global market, but is growing rapidly. To accommodate the growth, just under 100 coffee washing stations have sprung up from just 7 roughly 5 years ago. Each coffee washing station costs between $70,000 to $100,000 - signaling a significant investment. One coffee growing cooperative consisting of 8,000 members is Sopacdi (Solidarité Paysanne pour la Promotion des Actions Café et Développement Intégral), whose coffees are certified both Fair Trade and Organic - an accomplishment considering the difficulties facing the industry. Another cooperative - AMKA - consists of 1,200 members who produced about 1000 x 60kg bags.

The wide area of Kivu spans over a broad area and borders Rwanda, Burundi, and Uganda. The three provinces of Kivu are Maniema, Sud-Kivu (South Kivu), and Nord-Kivu (North Kivu) and the region includes Kahuzi-Biega National Park, a section of Maiko National Park, and the Ruwenzori Mountains. Eastern Kivu borders Lake Tanganyika.

Growing Altitude: 1400-2000 meters above sea level 

Region: Kivu 

Arabica Variety: Bourbon 

Harvest Period: March – June 

Milling Process: Washed, Sun Dried 

Aroma: Sweet, Chocolatey 

Flavor: Citrusy, Dark Fruits (berries, raisins, plums) 

Body: Full 

Acidity: Bright, Citric