Sulawesi coffee is best known for its silky body, moderate acidity, and smooth finish. Its flavors tend to land on the warmer side of spice, with bold cinnamon, cardamom and at times black pepper.

Region: Toraja, Sulawesi 

Growing Altitude: 1,400 - 1,900 meters 

Variety: Bourban, Pacas, Pacamara 

Harvest Period: July - September 

Milling Process: Washed, Sun Dried 

Aroma: Chocolate, Almond 

Flavour: Spicy, Sweet, Smokey 

Body: Rich, Full 

Acidity: Low

The most distinguished Sulawesi coffee is Toraja (also called Celebes coffee), along with Kalossi, a multi-dimensional coffee grown in the southeastern highlands and distinguished by its expansive flavor with a full-bodied richness. 

 A good Toraja is well-balanced with undertones of ripe fruit and dark chocolate. High elevations (1,400-1,900 meters+) in the region qualify much of these coffees for Strictly High Grown status.

Toraja coffee tends to have a relatively low-toned yet vibrant acidity, though usually slightly more acidic and with less body than Sumatran coffees and more earthy than Java Arabica. 

 Like Sumatran coffees, the cup profile of Toraja has been called deep and brooding, with muted fruit notes and rustic sweetness and often a pungent spicy quality. A Dark Roast is recommended to amplify the best Sulawesi coffee flavors. 

Typically a highly rated coffee, Sulawesi isn't incorporated into many blends, however home roasters may wish to explore adding it to blends for its unique flavors.


Sulawesi Toraja coffee is grown at relatively high altitudes on the island of Sulawesi, formerly called Celebes (the Dutch colonial name), located in the middle of the Indonesia's Malay archipelago. Toraja coffee is also referred to as Celebes. 

 The coffee growing area of Kalossi is located in the country's southeastern highlands. The coffee growing regions have expanded and coffee is now also grown in Mamasa, Enrekang, Gowa & Sinjal and Utara, though you won't typically see these on the market.