Coffees from El Salvador, which shares a border with Guatemala and Honduras, tend to have a good body yet a relatively uneventful flavor and acidity.

Growing Altitude: 1,200 - 1,500 meters above sea level 

Arabica Variety: Bourbon, Pacas, Pacamara, Caturra, Catuai, Catisic 

Harvest Period: October - March 

Milling Process: Washed, Sun-dried 

Aroma: Sweet (fruity), Floral, Spice 

Flavor: Sweet (honey), Citrus (tangerine), Chocolate Round 

Acidity: Bright, Sweet


These are dependable coffees yet mostly undistinguished, and they tend to be softer and exhibit less acidity than the typical Central American coffees. This does vary, with some coffees exhibiting a bright acidity. However, the generally gentle acidity as well as the coffee's balance and honey-like sweetness have made El Salvador coffees a great choice for use in coffee blends, making it smoother. The cupping profile varies by region, depending on the processing method used and varietal grown. Among the more popular regions: 

Alotepec Metapan: Medium acidity, high flavor :
El Balsamo Quezaltepec: Full body, lots of flavor, medium acidity :
Tecapa Chinameca: Good body, high flavor and aroma, medium acidity :
Cacahuatique: High acidity, high aroma, medium body and mild flavor :
Chicontepec: High flavor, medium acidity, full body and mild aroma :
Apaneca Ilamatepec: Full body, high acidity, high flavor and aroma: