Coffee Events
 The Following List of Events are Issued by the Organizers and CGM is not part in the planning.

Due to to Covid 19, some of the upcoming events are held virtually.

COLOMBIA COE Auction: June 3rd
NICARAGUA COE Auction: June 29th NW Auction: June 28th – July 9th
ETHIOPIA COE Auction: July 7th NW Auction: June 28th – July 9th
COSTA RICA COE Auction: July 29th NW Auction: July 26th – August 6th
GUATEMALA COE Auction: July 27th NW Auction: July 26th – August 6th
MEXICO COE Auction: July 15th NW Auction: July 12th – 23rd
ECUADOR COE Auction: November 18th NW Auction: November 15th – 26th
EL SALVADOR COE Auction: August 10th NW Auction: August 2nd – 13th
HONDURAS COE Auction: August 19th NW Auction: August 9th – 20th
BRAZIL COE Auction: December 9th NW Auction: December 6th – 17th
PERU COE Auction: December 2nd NW Auction: November 29th – December 10th
INDONESIA COE Auction: December 16th NW Auction: December 6th – 17th
B2B Meetings: Specialty Coffee from central America

Are you interested in discovering new coffee suppliers? Check this event.

The 5th Coffee Conference and Expo

This event is postponed to next year by ICO and the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of India

4C Global Sustainability Conference

Practical solutions for sustainability of coffee supply chain

PIR Coffee Expo

PIR Coffee Expo is a key event for Russian coffee industry.

The Coffee and Chocolate Festival in Jeddha

The Coffee and Chocolate festival in Jeddha, Saudi Arabia is an accredited event by SCA to connect coffee exporters to the international market.


From neighborhood coffee shops to local roasters; Houston’s coffee culture is collectively brewing something exciting. 

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