About Us
With a team of  trade specialists, market analysts  as well as coffee experts, CGM provides current global activities in coffee value chain sectors as well as comprehensive study on major commodity markets.

Coffee Geography Magazine serves coffee exporters and buyers in the industry professionally with utmost trust.

Where We Are
"We are working at almost
twice the capacity".

Our offices are located in all coffee producing regions to find firsth and facts about the production level and export capaicty. 

Coffee Geography Magazine

Our Team
Sao Polo, Brazil
NY, New York
Bogota, Colombia
Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Mumbai, India
Hanoi, Vietnam
Hawassa, Ethiopia
London, UK
Guatemala City

Coffee Geography Magazine has  a weekly E-newsletter reaching 26,734 emails linked to CGM website for further reading. Out of these targeted groups, coffee roasters, importers, exporters, traders, coffee machine and pods makers, distributors and value chain facilitators are consisted in our email lists. The E-newsletter has a 75% linkage rate to the website.

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CGM manages E-Newsletter weekly with the prospect to reach 100k by the end of 2021 serving the coffee business sector with new data and trade information .