Parana Paraguay Coffee

parana paraguay

Most coffee cultivation in Paraguay occurs near the Parana border with Brazil. Arabica coffee is grown and the processing of the coffee includes both dry processing and wet processing of the green coffees. In the past Paraguay has had problems producing coffees that would be respected in the specialty coffee market in part due to problems with transporting the green coffee beans and the general inaccessibility of the country's coffee growing regions. Tasting notes and coffee reviews are therefore non-existent.

Located in the central region of South America, Paraguay is situated between Bolivia, Brazil and Argentina. Since Paraguay does not border the ocean this has limited its trade relations due to the difficulty in transporting products to market. Paraguay does not contain very many high elevations for optimal coffee growing conditions - in fact, the highest point in the country is just 842 meters. With soil conditions similar to Brazil, this would believe one to believe that coffees from Paraguay would in fact be indistinguishable.