The Retail Coffee Giant, Starbucks Plans Reusable Cups in all its Stores by 2025

The Retail Coffee Giant, Starbucks Plans Reusable Cups in all its Stores by 2025

June 4 - 2021 Coffee Geography Magazine

The international coffee retail giant, Starbucks projected to use reusable cups in all its stores by 2025 in order to reduce the use of plastic and paper cups.

The company announced from its headquarters in Seattle that the eco- friendly program will be initiated in France, Germany and U.K in the next few months where the usage of plastic and paper cups are overwhelmingly high due to the high number of customers in these three countries. However the company is committed to reach all the 3,840 retail coffee shops across 43 countries to see impact the reusable cups in cutting carbon emissions and waste by half by 2030.

“While we have made great strides in reducing the number of single-use paper cups that leave our stores, there is more to be done and we must make reusability the only option, long term,” said Duncan Moir, Starbucks EMEA president.

Coffee paper cups on the ran becomes the fashion for many office workers in many countries including cities in emerging economies without considering the impact to the environment. According to the study conducted by Quantis and the WWF, Starbucks discarded 868 metric kilotons of coffee cups and other paper/plastic waste in 2018.

Customers will pay a small deposit for a reusable tumbler that comes in three sizes and can be used up to 30 times for hot or cold drinks before being returned, according to the company. Starbucks is introducing one that uses 70% less plastic than previous models and doesn’t require a protective sleeve.

The initiative will run alongside existing programs, such as offering ceramic cups for temporary use in stores and discounts for customers who bring their own tumblers. Starbucks will also reintroduce a paper cup surcharge in the U.K. and Germany.

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