Covid pass becomes mandatory in French cafes

Covid pass becomes mandatory in French cafes

August 14 - 2021 Coffee Geography Magazine

The French capital is seen with cafes having Covid Pass stand at their front entrance to check everyone for their vaccination documents.

The government is determined to contain the fourth wave of the infections by setting such strong public rules. President Emmanuel Macron unveiled the edict last month with a clear message: get vaccinated. 

"It's simple, we have downloaded an app ... so we scan the QR code of the clients, and if it's valid, they can enter. And if it's not valid, we cannot serve them," said Romain Dicrescenzo, manager of the Vrai Paris cafe in the capital's Montmartre district.

He said he had turned dozens of people away - some who had forgotten the pass as well as those who had not been vaccinated.

covid pass in cafes

Cafe owners who break the rule face a warning followed by a 7-day closure order on the second infraction. Two further contraventions could lead to a year's jail time. Few cafes are still seen not following the instruction while the police is noticed as lenient in the first week of the execution.

Some other European countries such as Italy have introduced similar health passes, but France's is the most comprehensive. Opponents of the pass say it impinges on their freedom and discriminates against those who do not want the COVID shot.

The legislation governing the health pass requirements will remain in place until mid-November. It also demands the mandatory vaccination of health workers.

Health pass checks were also being carried out at Paris' Gare de Lyon station. Checks on trains will be random and carried out on one in every four long-distance trains since Monday, the transport minister said.

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