Löfbergs Built a New Roastery with a Capacity of 10k tons per Year

Löfbergs Built a New Roastery with a Capacity of 10k tons per Year

July 15 - 2021

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Löfbergs built a new coffee roastery with a capacity of 10,000 tons per year, with the potential to double production in the future. The Swedish family-owned coffee company has invested SEK 200 million ($23.3 million approx.) for the roaster in Karlstad. The expansion project comes 115 years after the company was founded and the construction took two years using state of the art technology including fully complied green energy resource.

Löfbergs, founded on 1 July 1906, has grown from a local business to a coffee exporter, with about 50% of its coffee now sold abroad, operating in 10 core markets in Europe and Canada. Its main brands are Löfbergs, Peter Larsen Kaffe, Percol, Green Cup, Kobbs and SuperBonobo. Annual turnover is about $2.2 billion.

Löfbergs new coffee roastery

Acting CEO Fredrik Nilsson commented: “It is an investment in the future that strengthens us in Sweden as well as internationally and that reflects our ambition to continue to grow.”

The investment came in response to increased demand for whole beans, and the new site joins Löfbergs’ existing roastery in Karlstad – which is specialised in ground coffee.

The new facility will use a slow-roast method, with all the roastery’s energy supply coming from green sources.

“We have invested SEK 200 million, which is the largest investment in the history of the company,” said Kathrine Löfberg, chair of the Löfbergs board.

Kathrine Löfberg, chair of the Löfbergs board

Kathrine Löfberg, chair of the Löfbergs board

“It is certainly a milestone, and it is very special for us to have the inauguration 115 years to the day after my great grandfather founded Löfbergs.”

Löfbergs is sourcing coffee beans from sustainably certified farms and is already one of the world’s largest purchasers of organic and Fairtrade coffee.

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