Sustainable Program, LIFT by Mercon Coffee Group Becomes Global Operation

Sustainable Program, LIFT by Mercon Coffee Group Becomes Global Operation

July 13 - 2021

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Mercon Coffee Group is a vertically integrated coffee company which is engaged in sustainable production program LIFT, that provides valuable tools, training, and services to coffee farmers and coffee communities. Through LIFT, Mercon works directly with thousands of small coffee producers to raise their quality of life by helping them improve productivity in a social and environmentally conscious manner. 

“Through the sustainable program, we setup our resources to offer technical assistance, training and services to coffee farmers and coffee communities.” said Giacomo Celi, Mercon Coffee Group's Global Sustainability Director. “We work jointly with coffee farmers to improve their livelihood by helping them develop their productivity level in an environmental friendly method.”

Giacomo Celi, Mercon Coffee Group's Global Sustainability Director.
Giacomo Celi, Mercon Coffee Group's Global Sustainability Director. 

Recently Mercon Coffee Group has Signed Joint Partnership with Conservation International to be able expand LIFT throughout the world. Within its operation areas in Brazil, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Vietnam and a new office in Ethiopia, the company projected LIFT to deliver advanced agricultural, environmental, and social practices to coffee farmers.

LIFT introduced the technology to monitor the performance of each farms and the surrounding eco-system through a digital platform—straight from the farm. The technical team uses tablets onsite to digitally capture and monitor each producer’s improvement, which guarantees how effective the program is.

LIFT Monitor

“The program assesses the forest conservation and reforestation activities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions on coffee regions where Mercon’s operations are located.” Explained Mr. Celi.

As one of the leading coffee companies in the world, Mercon Coffee Group has vast experience in farming, production, trading, logistics, and risk management. As the climate change affects all from farming communities to big companies, mutual understanding of the impact is clearly placed by the company to reach the objective of sustainable carbon reduction.

“ Coffee is part of the solution to the global climate crisis by conserving the forest for the need of a better coffee yield for farmers.” Celi said. 

LIFT Nicaragua

Mercon Coffee Group has built a working relationship with IDB Invest, the largest development financial institution in Latin America to co-finance LIFT and support coffee communities in the region by promoting positive environmental practices.

In order to achieve the desired goal, a joint partnership with an organization which has deep connection with the environment is retained for greater execution of the mission. Conservation International has decades of experience in the field of nature preservation work and such strategic alliance has placed enough resources and expertise on the ground for the program.

“We have also opened an office in Ethiopia to extend our hand for further action and by 2022 more coffee farmers would be included in the program.” Celi said.

However, the current conservation work is entirely positioned to Central and South America where Mercon Coffee has deep rooted business connection.

“An impressive accomplishment is done in Nicaragua where Mecron built advanced coffee and tree nurseries to preserve the coffee regions in the country.” Celi added.

The nurseries are located in Sebaco in the northern region of Nicaragua with full capacity from cloning and grafting to biodegradable packaging of seedlings specialized in innovative techniques. Considering the importance of gender equality, the number of women who are participating at these nurseries are 70 %  to help the communities generate more income.

coffee nursery
Nicaragua is a special case for Mecron where the company pioneered in the production of Robusta coffee in Nicaragua creating a whole new industry in the country. The ideal farming conditions found in Nueva Guinea attracted the company a decade ago to develop its own Robusta coffee plantations and introducing this new product to farmers. 
Nicaragua map

Today the turnover from this investment created thousands of jobs, boosted the local economy and allows Mecron Coffee Group to involve vigorously in education and the sustainability of the environment, securing long term value for the coffee farmers and at the same time to fight the climate change with the most sufficient method.

Based in The Netherlands, Mercon Group has offices in more than 60 countries globally with operation offices in Brazil, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, the United States, Spain and Vietnam.

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