Peet’s Coffee arranges a trip to the arctic to taste a new blend “The Bright Collection” under the midnight sun

Peet’s Coffee arranges a trip to the arctic to taste a new blend “The Bright Collection” under the midnight sun

June 22 - 2024

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Peet's Coffee, defines a new way to think about coffee with the debut of the Bright Collection. The two new blends, Sun Catcher and Off the Grid, boast vibrant, fruit-forward notes and a velvety-smooth texture for an unforgettable coffee experience. To celebrate the launch, Peet's Coffee has teamed up with Arctic influencer Cecilia Blomdahl to capture the essence of the Bright Collection with a once-in-a-lifetime chance to visit one of the brightest places on earth, Svalbard, Norway, during the Midnight Sun Season. The contest launches on the brightest day of the year, June 20, and will run through June 28.

Svalbard, Norway

The Bright Collection: Sun Catcher and Off The Grid 

After two years of development, the Bright Collection presents a blend of flavor and roast that combine to create a whole new coffee profile — bright, yet smooth taste, crafted with the distinctive quality . Peet's meticulously sourced, hand-roasted, and crafted the new Sun Catcher and Off the Grid to be its brightest blends yet, using high-quality beans from four prominent regions: Brazil and Kenya for Sun Catcher, and Colombia and El Salvador for Off the Grid. 

• Sun Catcher: Peet's lightest light roast coffee blend is crafted with beans from the slopes of Mt. Kenya to infuse vibrant citric notes and complemented by the smooth nuttiness Brazilian beans offer. This bright blend features flavors of strawberry jam, citrus, and honeysuckle, offering a delicate balance that delights the senses. 

 • Off the Grid: This medium roast blend strikes the perfect balance between approachability and complexity. Crafted with beans from Colombia and El Salvador, this blend offers fruit-forward notes from the Colombia beans and caramelized sweetness from El Salvador. With a full-bodied profile, Off the Grid includes tastes of smooth milk chocolate, almond butter, and pear undertones, making it an irresistible choice for any coffee lover.

Contest: Brightest Place On Earth Adventure With Cecilia Blomdahl 

Peet's will offer fans the chance to go to Svalbard, Norway, one of the brightest and most remote places on Earth, with an exclusive guided experience from Arctic influencer Cecilia Blomdahl. Nestled at the tip of a Norwegian archipelago, Svalbard is the northernmost inhabited place on Earth. It's an extraordinary land of contrasts, where life is simultaneously exhilarating and surprisingly serene. During the Midnight Sun Season, Svalbard enjoys perpetual daylight, creating a captivating atmosphere where polar bears roam freely, encounters with majestic walruses are commonplace, and striking views from the top of the world await.

"For me, coffee isn't just a beverage, it's a source of joy and a morning ritual I look forward to," says Cecilia Blomdahl. "Partnering with Peet's Coffee to offer this extraordinary trip to Svalbard, an island close to the North Pole, celebrates our shared passion for exploration, discovery, and of course, great coffee. I'm excited to share the beauty of Svalbard with the lucky winner, embracing every moment and enjoying the Bright Collection amidst the awe-inspiring Arctic scenery."

Jessica Buttimer, VP of Brand Marketing at Peet's

Jessica Buttimer, VP of Brand Marketing at Peet's

"We are thrilled to introduce the Bright Collection with a program unlike any we've done at Peet's," says Jessica Buttimer, SVP of Brand & DTC at Peet's Coffee. "We're excited to make it possible for our customers to become Sun Catchers or go Off the Grid while relishing the exceptional taste of Peet's coffee." 

Founded in Berkeley, California in 1966 by Alfred Peet, the "Big Bang of coffee," Peet's Coffee® pioneered the artisan movement in the U.S.