Wacaco brings the Minipresso GR2 to the market

Wacaco brings the Minipresso GR2 to the market

June 15 - 2024

Coffee Geography Magazine

Wacaco Company Ltd, introduces the Minipresso GR2 - the latest innovation in ground coffee portable espresso machines. Building upon the success of the original Minipresso GR launched in 2013, the Minipresso GR2 embodies new inclusivity and innovation. Using the WACACO Nanopresso is easy and simple by adding finely ground coffee to the brewing basket, tamp it down, then place the basket in the Nanopresso. After screwing on the portafilter, add boiling water to the water tank, screw it to the main body and turn the Nanopresso upside down over the built-in espresso cup.

By incorporating innovative wheat-composed polymers and achieving a 30% reduction in size, the Minipresso GR2 exemplifies sustainable design, propelling toward a greener future. This eco-friendly espresso maker operates entirely by hand, eliminating the need for power. The Minipresso GR2 is not only eco-friendly and ultra-portable but also redefines convenience for coffee enthusiasts.

Dedicated to delivering the ultimate user experience, Wacaco's design team has meticulously refined the coffee basket, seamlessly integrating it into the machine head. Most notably, it is now adjustable, allowing users to choose between 8 or 12 grams of ground coffee. 

Established in 2013 in Hong Kong by Hugo Cailleton and Jessie Wang, Wacaco Company Limited swiftly emerged as one of the premier manufacturers of portable coffee makers worldwide. The brand advocates for breaking traditional boundaries of coffee making with 'brew on-the-go”