Death Wish Coffee unveils Iced Coffee for home with Ice Breaker

Death Wish Coffee unveils Iced Coffee for home with Ice Breaker

June 13 - 2024

Coffee Geography Magazine

Death Wish Coffee Co., introduces its first coffee specially crafted for iced coffee consumption: Ice Breaker. Available for a limited time this summer, it's a roast that starts hot and serves cold, without ever watering down the full flavor of the brand's signature Fair Trade and Organic beans. 

Ice Breaker is a Medium Roast blend distinct from the brand's other roasts. Crafted with Peruvian and Guatemalan Arabica and Indian Cherry Robusta beans, it's designed to be smooth with a subtle sweetness and moderate brightness when cold. With Ice Breaker, as temperatures heat up, it's easier than ever to get an icedcoffee fix – simply brew hot using your preferred method, add ice to a temperature safe glass, then pour over ice and enjoy.

Seventy-three percent of Gen Z consumers drink iced coffee weekly and 80% of consumption is at home, according to Beverage Segmentation 2021 and Kantar Millward Brown. 

"At Death Wish Coffee, we're on a mission to offer a rich, premium at-home coffee experience, no matter the temperature," noted Tom Ennis, President and CEO at Death Wish Coffee. "Our commitment to continuous innovation has resulted in the ultimate blend for iced coffee lovers. As cold coffee sales continue to boom, consumers deserve a smooth, never bitter – and most importantly, never watered down – coffee experience." 

Death Wish Coffee is a coffee brand based in the United States where its coffee is primarily sold online, but can also be found in grocery stores across the United States.

The company was founded in 2012 by Mike Brown in Saratoga Springs, New York, and is headquartered there. Its production facility is in Round Lake, New York. Death Wish claims that its coffee has double the caffeine of an average cup of coffee, but that it also does not taste bitter or acidic.