Peet’s Coffee commemorates Earth Month by giving discounts to those who bring their own cups

Peet’s Coffee commemorates Earth Month by giving discounts to those who bring their own cups

April 7 - 2024

Coffee Geography Magazine

Peet's launches a new discount for customers who bring their own cup (BYOC) to 25 cents during the Earth Month of April. The BYOC discount will be permanented across Peet's coffeebars and apply to any drink, hot or cold. In another step to reduce single-use, disposable packaging, Peet's is also officially bringing back porcelain cups. "Dine-in" cups were shelved during the pandemic, but by the end of 2024, Peet's will have reusable, porcelain "dine-in" cup options across all its locations.


In addition to the BYOC discount, Peet's is offering special discounts throughout Earth Month on select items from its Spring Menu:


• An exclusive discount of $1 off for Peet's loyalty members on all Spring Menu non-dairy drinks for the duration of Earth Month (April) 

     • Spring Menu drinks include Honey Almond Latte with Almond Milk, Honey Almond Matcha Latte with Almond Milk, Almond Cold Brew Oat Latte, and an Anniversary Blend 

• Bundle offering of 25% off when customers order a non-dairy beverage AND a plant-based food item on Earth Day: April 22 

    • Plant-based food items include Peet's new plant-based Southwest Breakfast Burrito and the Everything Plant-Based Sandwich.

"At Peet's, we believe that small changes lead to significant impact," said Jessica Buttimer, SVP, Brand Marketing at Peet's Coffee. "The focus on reusability is part of Peet's goal to make its packaging reusable, compostable, or recyclable by 2030. We know it's just one sip at a time but together, we really can help brew a brighter future."

Founded in Berkeley, California in 1966 by Alfred Peet, the company’s legacy lives on for decades in every Peet's cup whether ordered online, selected at a grocery store or served in any one of the more than 465 Peet's Coffee locations in the U.S., China and the Middle East.