Pop & Bottle cold brew coffee spreads out its refrigerated aisles in more stores throughout the U.S.

Pop & Bottle cold brew coffee spreads out its refrigerated aisles in more stores throughout the U.S.

March 05 - 2024

Coffee Geography Magazine

Pop & Bottle with its plant-based lattes and coffee concentrates, launches of Organic Cold Brew Coffee in a 48oz, multi-serving bottle. Available in the refrigerated aisles at select Target stores nationwide, this offering is available in Light Roast, Medium Roast and Vanilla varieties. Each SKU is unsweetened and has moderate caffeine levels, offering ultimate customization, ease and convenience for the daily coffee ritual. 

In response to the growing cold brew trend that saw cold drinks accounting for 75% of Starbucks' sales in 2023, and a marked preference for cold coffee among Gen Z and millennials, Pop & Bottle is meeting the moment with a product designed for today's coffee enthusiast.

Jash Mehta, Pop & Bottle CEO and co-founder

Jash Mehta, Pop & Bottle CEO and co-founder

"At Pop & Bottle, we believe your daily coffee ritual should be purposeful, nourishing and gratifying," says Jash Mehta, Pop & Bottle CEO and co-founder. "Our journey began in 2015, evolving from bottled almond milk lattes to canned oat milk lattes in 2019. This new multi-serve cold brew series is our nod to those seeking the premium taste and quality of traditional black coffee in a more economical, multi-serve format."

Pop & Bottle's Cold Brew Coffee stands out not just for its premium taste but for its commitment to female empowerment and environmental ethos. Despite the global coffee growing workforce being over 70% female, leadership roles remain predominantly male. Pop & Bottle is challenging this status quo by sourcing in part from female-operated cooperatives, and hoping to increase this share over time. 1% of every bottle sold also directly supports initiatives for female farmers and their communities. 

Certified Organic and Direct Trade, each bottle features: 

• Sustainable Packaging: With design-forward PET bottles made with at least 50% post-consumer recycled plastic, each bottle underscores the brand's pledge to minimize waste and reduce its carbon footprint. 

• Moderate Caffeine Levels: Innovating for those who seek the invigorating taste of cold brew without the jitters, the caffeine content is tailored across the varieties - Vanilla (80mg/12oz), Light Roast (90mg/12oz) and Medium Roast (100mg/12oz), all cold brewed for over 10 hours to ensure a smooth taste and balanced acidity. 

The company was founded by Blair Hardy and Jash Mehta with the goal of creating wholesome lattes made without dairy or refined sugar. All Pop & Bottle ready-to-drink lattes, multi-serve cold brew coffees and super concentrates are thoughtfully crafted from responsibly sourced, high quality, plant-based ingredients.