Stephen James Curated Coffee Collection provides Personalized Coffee Experience for National Coffee Day

Stephen James Curated Coffee Collection provides Personalized Coffee Experience for National Coffee Day

October 3 - 2022

Coffee Geography Magazine

Stephen James Curated Coffee Collection (SJCCC) is a premium beverage line that strives to awaken the senses through the aroma and flavor of its travel-inspired coffee. Aspiring to provide a beautiful capsule of exquisite coffees reflecting the world around you, Stephen James Curated Coffee views coffee as the day's first opportunity for self-care. 

SJCCC infuses global experiences and unique processes into every cup with brews that fuel the mind, body, and soul. The company, whose goal is long-term sustainability for the planet and its farmers, maintains a responsible sourcing, roasting, and shipping approach to producing the highest quality coffee possible. With thoughtfully curated, small-batch beans from hand-selected farms across the globe, this sophisticated (but never fussy) collection showcases the best coffee each farm has to offer, resulting in an exceptional taste experience.

"Just as travel fuels the soul, we'd like our coffee to fuel your journey," said Stephen James, founder and CEO of Stephen James Curated Coffee Collection. "Our cup of coffee should always be an opportunity to take a moment for yourself, for self-care, and intentional mindful moments, with both self and others."

Stephen James Curated Coffee Collection in Light Roast

Stephen James invites its customers to be mindful of the sound of their coffee grinding in the mornings, allowing the aroma of freshly brewed coffee to ground them as they take their first sip, and are greeted by the coffee's distinct notes of beans that proud local farmers across the globe consciously farmed. This coffee is meant to be enjoyed experientially, for moments of self-care in the morning, or even as fuel for conversation, laughter and the sharing of stories between guests after dinner. 

 Released in three whole bean varieties, Stephen James Coffee is available in a Light Roast, Medium Roast, and Dark Roast. Light Roast contains 100% Arabica Beans from The Kateshi Farm in Zambia, containing a bright and balanced taste with notes of semi-sweet chocolate and cranberry. The Medium Roast hails from The Daterra Farm in Brazil and has a floral flavor followed by almond and chocolate notes. The full-bodied Dark Roast is balanced and smooth featuring earthy notes with a beautiful green coloring to create a refined beverage. 

Based in Columbus, Ohio, The Stephen James Curated Coffee Collection was founded by Stephen Letourneau to provide an educational lens for coffee, travel, and wellness experiences. Stephen James sources responsibly farmed beans from around the world in small batches.