JDE Peet’s soon becomes 100% responsibly sourced coffee

JDE Peet’s soon becomes 100% responsibly sourced coffee

May 25 - 2022

Coffee Geography Magazine

JDE Peet’s, the world’s leading pure-play coffee and tea company by revenue, announced it will increase its responsibly sourced coffee target from 30% to 80% by the end of 2022. The company also announced it will invest EUR150 million into its responsible sourcing program to directly support more than one million smallholder coffee farmers by 2025. According to its statement, these initiatives will position JDE Peet’s as a leader in sustainable coffee sourcing within the FMCG sector.

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In 2021, Peet’s Coffee, the U.S. subsidiary of JDE Peet’s, reached 100% responsibly sourced coffee through its partnership with Enveritas, a non-government organization that has developed a new, data-driven approach to sustainability assurance. Enveritas offers a different way of addressing sustainability - an approach where producers access free verification of their practices, while encouraging a deeper understanding and commitment to solving the most challenging sustainability issues. To date, Enveritas has verified more than 200,000 coffee farms around the world against a complete set of sustainability standards. JDE Peet’s will now leverage the partnership with Enveritas across its broader coffee supply chain, allowing it to reach its ambition of 100% responsibly sourced coffee by 2025.

“JDE Peet’s is deeply committed to creating a sustainable future for the customers and consumers we serve while creating long-term value for the business and our stakeholders,” said Fabien Simon, CEO of JDE Peet’s. “Being the world’s leading pure-play coffee and tea company comes with great responsibility to ensure the resilience of the global coffee supply, in an authentic, inclusive and regenerative way. With this partnership and increased investments, we are elevating industry standards, and are committed to play our part to create a better future for our farmers, their families and the entire coffee ecosystem.”

Fabien Simon, CEO of JDE Peet’s

Fabien Simon, CEO of JDE Peet’s

JDE Peet’s sustainability program aims to partner with suppliers, NGOs, and others to address key sustainability challenges in the countries from which JDE Peet’s sources its coffee, tea and other agricultural ingredients. Through this program, the company has already reached over 470,000 smallholder farmers with more than 50 collaborative projects across 18 countries since 2015.

We touch all stages of the coffee and tea ecosystem, from farmers to consumers, and therefore have an obligation to develop both near- and long-term solutions to protect the world we live in,” said Laurent Sagarra, Global Quality & Sustainability Director of JDE Peet’s. "Setting this ambitious target is part of our journey to lead the way in creating a more sustainable future.” 

In 2021, JDE Peet’s generated total sales of EUR 7 billion and employed a global workforce of more than 19,000 employees.