Green Coffee Company raised $13.2 million Series B Round to bring total equity fund invested to $25 million

The Green Coffee Company raised $13.2 million Series B Round to bring total equity fund invested to $25 million 

January 27 - 2022 Coffee Geography Magazine

The Green Coffee Company (GCC), a Legacy Group portfolio company, has fully funded its Series B funding round, which the company recently upsized by $3.5 million due to high demand to $13.2 million (USD). There are currently over 220 individual investors in the business with its accredited investor base rapidly accelerating.

As the Green Coffee Company looks towards the future, the focus will be on solidifying its position as the #1 largest coffee producer in all of Colombia. The GCC used this investment to (1) double its farms to 4,700 acres - becoming the #2 largest coffee producer in Colombia - and (2) to become the most technologically-advanced coffee producer in Colombia.

The $3.5 million upsize to the original $9.6 million Series B was funded in just three weeks by the company's accredited investor base. Over the past six months, the company has welcomed dozens of investors and supporters of the business to its farms in Salgar, Colombia in order to see its progress first-hand. The GCC has inaugurated the first of two new world-class coffee processing facilities, with the second expected to come online in Q1 2022.

The Green Coffee Company is a consolidated coffee farming operation headquartered in the U.S. with operations based in Medellin, Colombia. The company's innovative business model allows for complete control of the supply chain: from cultivation, through processing, to direct trade with end-clients. GCC's holistic approach to the coffee sector and commitment to best environmental practices not only establishes the long-term profitability and sustainability of the business, but also improves the quality of the coffee produced on the farms.