Starbucks expresses its regrets for selling expired food in two of its Chinese stores

Starbucks expresses its regrets for selling expired food in two of its Chinese stores

December  17 - 2021

Coffee Geography Magazine

Seattle based global coffee chain, Starbucks expressed its regret after two of its outlets in China have used expired ingredients and assured that the company would carry out inspections and staff training across all of its roughly 5,400 stores in China. The incident occurred in the eastern Chinese city of Wuxi where the two stores are located.

"We sincerely apologize to all of Starbucks' customers," Starbucks released in its a statement on its official Weibo account. Consumer rights groups in China have become more protective by monitoring foreign brands for any negligence in safty. China is the largest market for Starbucks outside the United States. The coffee giant has announced that it had shut the two stores and proper investigation was conducted on how such incidents could happened where high quality standard is usually the core principle of the company.


The Wuxi's Market Supervision Administration has also brought other concerns on all 82 Starbucks outles in the city, finding 15 issues in total, including employees not wearing work caps and disinfections records not being complete.

A newspaper from Beijing reported that one of the Starbucks stores used expired matcha liquid to make lattes, while another had put pastries up for sale that were meant to be thrown away.

Chinese consumers usually don’t respond quickly to such types of incidents as they love foreign brands with total trust. Of course, Starbucks needs to do quite big PR repair as soon as possible to keep growing in the highly lucrative market.