My Willy Wagtail unveils flexible coffee carrier
My Willy Wagtail unveils flexible coffee carrier
December 17 - 2021 Coffee Geography Magazine

My Willy Wagtail announces the launch of their new revolutionary product, the Urban Coffee Carrier! The world's first sustainable, reusable silicone cup holder & bag will be available via the crowdfunding site Kickstarter worldwide.

Let's be honest and think about the daily resources needed to recycle and remake those throw-away trays. The Urban Coffee Carrier is made from high-quality materials to stand the test of time. So, there is no need to throw it away.

The Urban Coffee Carrier is modular and can carry two, four, or even six beverages plus snacks. It's so convenient that you can use one of the 2 cup holders by itself for that quick coffee dash. The Urban Coffee Carrier will be a product the world will be talking about!
Urban Coffee Carrier - The Right Way to Carry Your Coffee! World's First Sustainable, Reusable Silicone Coffee Cup Holder Tray & Carrier Bag. NO MORE THROW_AWAY TRAYS! We will plant a tree for every purchase and together we can make a difference!

Even though there were recyclable trays, Julie could see the energy and water use, and the rise of greenhouse gas emissions was very impactful. So, Julie McKenzie, the founder of My Willy Wagtail designed the Urban Coffee Carrier to make a difference. It was a pivotal point in her life, and thus began her mission to change the industry one tray at a time.

The Urban Coffee Carrier is modular so that you can carry two, four or even six beverages at a time and your snacks. So, you can safely and securely have everything you need in one hand for coffee time and more. As a bonus can also use the 2 cup carrier by itself for that quick coffee dash or even use the bag to pick up those few essential items.

"The future is in our hands & we must honor and be mindful of the next generations to come. We must make better choices to 'GO GREEN', creating a sustainable future. Life depends on it." said McKenzie.

The Urban Coffee Carrier covers most drink sizes, and there are ample pockets to hold your items, such as your keys, wallet, phone & even straws. It is also dishwasher safe, BPA free, food-grade silicone, heat resistant, stain-resistant, leakproof and waterproof.

Use at home, in the office or on the run to meet with friends. The Urban Coffee Carrier is unlike anything else on the market. It has everything you need and is even easier to store away when you are finished.

The company proudly says “With every purchase of The Urban Coffee Carrier, we will plant a tree & together we can make a difference!”

"It's time to evolve and make a genuine change to reusable. Together we can make a difference! Our children will thank us."