Peet’s Coffee expands its reward program

Peet's Coffee expands its reward program

October 29 - 2021 Coffee Geography Magazine

Peet’s Coffee adds more attractive customers’ prize incentives in the reward program. The peetnik Rewards app offers customers one point for every dollar spent in-store by scanning a QR code at the time of purchase and through pickup or delivery sales channels.

Customers would have 20 prizes to choose from including espresso shots and from breakfast menu lists. They would have also the choice to redeem points for up to $5  off any of their purchase.   

According to the past study, U.S. customers love to participate in such loyalty programs with more restaurant chains have now engaged with different types of attractive programs. Forty-seven percent of diners now use at least one loyalty program, and the share of consumers using restaurant rewards programs rose 12% between the past January to April.

peetnik Rewards app

Peet's loyalty enhancements mark the first major change to its rewards program since its launch in 2017, according to the company. With the increasing number of digital transactions are now processed through apps more than over-the-counter sales, such programs become a new trend to keep customers frequency records to easily evaluate product performance.  Taco Bell's rewards program, for example, drove an increase in overall spend of 35% for loyalty customers versus their pre-loyalty behavior, the company reported in its Q2 2021 earnings. Peet's may have an advantage in an increasingly crowded loyalty space, as the coffee category already relies heavily on habituation.

Peet’s is enticing new users to sign up for its loyalty program with a two-week Peetnik Rewards Launch Sweepstakes that runs through Nov. 2. Members are guaranteed to win with every purchase or valid-free entry method. New members who download the app receive a welcome bonus of 125 points after their first purchase.