Coffee-Flavored whiskey from Kentucky Coffee introduced

Coffee-Flavored whiskey from Kentucky Coffee introduced

October 9 - 2021 Coffee Geography Magazine

The great state of Kentucky is known for famous American bourbon whiskey. Kentucky Coffee infuses this premium whiskey with the invigorating aroma and bold taste of coffee for coffee lovers who missed their morning cups and enjoy with fellow cowboys in the evening.

Bottled and distilled in Kentucky, the new spirits brand was inspired by America's original adventurers – the cowboys, who sipped on 'cowboy coffee' during the day and switched to strong whiskey, otherwise known as 'firewater,' in the evening, celebrating camaraderie and the simple moments around the smoldering campfire.

Kentucky Coffee whiskey

Utilizing real coffee extract, Kentucky Coffee expertly blends the bold flavors of dark roast coffee with a smooth whiskey finish to create today's modern cowboy coffee, complete with silky maple and vanilla notes. Kentucky Coffee can be enjoyed as a shot, on the rocks or as a key ingredient in an array of signature cocktails, making it the perfect party starter, after-dinner finisher and accompaniment to life's everyday moments of celebration.

Conceptualized in 2017, Kentucky Coffee was born from co-founder and Atomic Brands CEO Don Deubler Jr.'s desire to find a standalone spirit that embodied the bold flavors of the two beloved icons – coffee and whiskey. Deubler sought to craft a premium flavored whiskey that celebrated the sense of discovery in the restless cowboy spirit without compromising on taste or quality ingredients.

"Kentucky Coffee unites the best of two consumer favorites: coffee and whiskey. It creates an unmatched, timeless taste that takes you back to simple and special moments around the campfire with loved ones," said Don Deubler Jr., co-founder and CEO of Kentucky Coffee. "We've seen an incredible response to this bold flavor right out of the gate, and we're excited to invite new consumers to discover this exciting flavor combination and create stories and adventures of their own."

Kentucky Coffee is 66 proof (33% ABV) and currently retails at $19.99/750mL bottle. The spirit is available across select on-premise locations and liquor retailers in KentuckyMissouri and Ohio, with additional markets to be announced in the coming months.

The privately-owned Chicago-based Atomic Brands was founded in 2006 with a focus on creating products that people want with exceptional and uncompromised quality. With a portfolio of products including the award-winning artisan canned cocktail, Monaco Cocktails and the premium coffee-flavored whiskey, Kentucky Coffee, Atomic Brands is committed to continually developing high-quality innovations across several drinking and lifestyle occasions.