NEXE from British Columbia adds New Blends in its product line

NEXE from British Columbia adds New Blends in its product line

October 9 - 2021

Coffee Geography Magazine

NEXE Innovations Inc. , based in British Columbia, Canada, announced that it is adding a second and third premium espresso product to its lineup. These two additional coffee products launched on October 8, 2021, in the U.S. and Canada.

NEXE Coffee is packaged exclusively in the Company's proprietary, made in North America, single-serve, fully-compostable, plant-based NEXE pod. The pods for this product line are compatible with the popular Nespresso® OriginalLine machines. Both new coffees are available in packages of 10, 20, or 30 pods.

"We are very proud of these two new coffee products that will help us to serve the over US$25 billion single-serve coffee pod market. Coffee continues to be our main focus and we are very excited to add more coffee SKUs to our product line-up," said Ash Guglani, President of NEXE Innovations. "As we enter fall, we are primed to give our customers a convenient, great tasting and a hassle-free, zero-waste experience to kick off their workday, school day, or simply to enjoy a premium experience at home."


Ash Guglani, President of NEXE Innovations

New NEXE Espresso Blends are:

-Medium Roast Espresso Blend: Full-bodied and smooth, NEXE's medium roast espresso brings together high-grade, certified organic beans, roasted in small batches. The Company works with women-led cooperatives in Sumatra to source beans that are sustainably grown, as well as with producers in Peru and Ethiopia.
-French Roast Espresso Blend: Grown in the rugged mountain jungles of Sumatra, NEXE's french roast has a clean, juicy body, with hints of lemon-lime, cacao, pipe tobacco, light ginger, and a long finish. The certified organic beans are cultivated, harvested, hand sorted and wet hulled by a women-led cooperative.

"We have chosen our partners with values that reflect our own, for their social and environmentally sustainable practices, as well as for their great coffee," added Ash Guglani. "The beans are ground and packaged at our facility and sealed for freshness in our NEXE pod."

It took over six years of research and development to create the NEXE pod. These pods can break down in as little as 30 days in a municipal composting facility. This is similar to the time it takes for an apple core to decompose.

nexe pods

More than 59 billion coffee pods are consumed each year with an estimated 56 billion single serve pods going to landfill. Standard coffee pods can take hundreds of years to break down and can leave behind contamination and microplastics. Recyclable pods often include non-recyclable plastic and aluminum - making them less likely to be recycled properly or recycled at all.

These two new products complement NEXE's first espresso product made from three hand-selected Ethiopian, Sumatra, and Peruvian beans. The premium blend has a well-balanced exotic flavour, a sweet brown sugar, vanilla, and honey aroma, as well as a clean, smooth, juicy, medium body.