De’Longhi brings Brad Pitt to promote its coffee maker

De’Longhi brings Brad Pitt to promote its coffee maker

September 8 - 2021 Coffee Geography Magazine

It’s not the first time for companies to use famous faces to promote their products. This time is Perfetto by De’Longhi who brought the 57-year-old ultra-famous actor, Brad Pitt  on a motorcycle ride along Pacific Coast Highway in California, getting coffee beans, and using them to brew a cappuccino on his automatic espresso machine, the Dinamica Plus, to start his day.

The short commercial is also used the famous director from Lalaland, Damien Chazelle, cinematographer, Linus Sandgren and composer Justin Hurwitz.

 “De’Longhi has seen extraordinary growth in recent years and the production of home coffee machines has assumed a central role in this growth” says Massimo Garavaglia, the company’s CEO. “We believe that Brad Pitt is the perfect ambassador to tell the world about De’Longhi”

Massimo Garavaglia, the company’s CEO

Massimo Garavaglia, De’Longhi Group  CEO

De' Longhi Group is an international Group consisting of brands that have made the history of small domestic appliances with their products. It is one of the world's leading players in small domestic appliances associated with the world of coffee, the kitchen, air conditioning, and home care.

The Group's products are sold in more than 120 markets around the globe. Every year, its community of over 9.000 employees contributes to launching products that are increasingly innovative and tailored to consumers’ needs. In 2020 the Group generated €2.35 billion in revenue.

Each product is born out of research, development, and engineering involving technical units as well as the Marketing and Design functions. After defining the solution, the Group purchases the required raw materials and inputs.

The first product created by De’Longhi is an oil-filled radiator which would go on to achieve massive success. Designed to meet the energy needs of households in the face of the first oil crisis, the radiator quickly becomes popular and finds its way into the homes of millions of people in 1974.

The range expands and, product after product, the brand achieves growing success and recognition. From radiators through electric fan heaters to catalytic stoves, the level of efficiency and innovation becomes the hallmark of De’ Longhi's solutions from 1975-1980.

The 1980s see a period of expansion and investments in the Group's image. The De’ Longhi brand is launched globally through major sponsorships, including that of the Lotus driven by the legendary Ayrton Senna in 86-87 and 87-88 seasons.

1986 is the year the Group launches Pinguino, which makes its way into the homes of millions of people with its design and functionality. A byword for portable air conditioning, Pinguino becomes a bona fide icon of De’ Longhi's offerings.

It was in the early 1980s that De’ Longhi started marketing its products in the United States. The success is such that in 1985 the first foreign branch was opened in New York, based in the Empire State Building.

Acquisition of Kenwood, a brand well-known worldwide for its great specialization in household appliances for food preparation, and Ariete, with products for the kitchen, home cleaning and ironing.The new millennium begins with an event that marks and celebrates the company's outstanding growth: in 2001, De’ Longhi's shares start trading on Milan's stock exchange.

De’ Longhi's debut in the coffee machine sector occurred in 1993 with a pump model, followed in 2003 by the launch on the market of the first super-automatic machine: Magnifica. The technological innovation of the machines gained a strong interest in consumers and beyond. In 2004 a historic agreement was signed with Nespresso for the distribution of capsule coffee machines.

This agreement will lead in 2007 to the launch of Lattissima, produced in the Group's factories and born to become a point of reference in the sector of espresso coffee machines.

From the beginning, De ’Longhi has presented unique innovations in coffee machines: the IFD (Instant Froth Dispenser) patent dates back to 1995, the first step in the development of automatic cappuccino technology. A beginning that anticipates an exceptional expansion and a strong progression.

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