Manchester City Football Club plans to use edible coffee cups in Etihad Stadium

Manchester City Football Club plans to use edible coffee cups in Etihad Stadium 

August 19 - 2021 Coffee Geography Magazine

The first of its kind, “Edible Coffee Cup” to be introduced by Manchester City Football Club as an unusual new snack option for their fans returning to Etihad Stadium for their first Premier League home game of the 2021-22 season. If this become the new trend to avoid waste, many coffee companies and cafes may follow the suit to bring the edible cup as new way of coffee drinking.

However, the FBC suggested that supporters would not be forced to ingest their coffee cups if they don't want to but encourage the new way to cut down on rubbish "just eat your cup!"

The FBC states on its website that the innovative idea is fantastic to provide a perfect solution to waste, just eat your cup!

edible coffee cup

"This will be trailed alongside our full barista service of hot drinks outside the stadium in City Square.

"Fans will have the option to put these cups into our composting waste stream, if preferred."

While Man City provide no details as to what the edible coffee cups will be made of, they will likely be produced from waffle or biscuit-type food,  similar to an ice-cream cone.

The use of these cups forms part of a commitment by City to cut down on plastic waste, with the club also announcing that beer will be served in paper.

City fans will be hoping to enjoy their coffee cup snack while watching their team recover from a disappointing opening day result.

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