Kenya’s Coffee Export up as Global Demand Surge

Kenya’s Coffee Export up as Global Demand Surge 

July 8 - 2021

Coffee Geography Magazine

Kenya’s coffee export has been improved for the last three months due to reform measures by the government to boost farmers’ performance.  

Secretary of Agriculture, Peter Munya explained to the media that foreign buyers are very attractive to Kenya’s coffee beans despite the size of the country’s production.

In the 2019-20 coffee year, the country exported 46,333 metric tons of green bean that earned about 204 million U.S. dollars.

Secretary of Agriculture, Peter Munya

Secretary of Agriculture, Peter Munya

Munya said that despite Kenyan coffee continuing to fetch top dollars in the international market, the payments to farmers per kilogram have continued to decline.

"We intend to reform the sub sector by improving efficiency, performance and earnings to farmers as well as increase international sales of the commodity," Munya said during the launch of the national coffee revitalization progress report.

The planed legal and regulatory coffee sector reform is designed to address governance challenges that plagued the sector with a view to giving coffee growers discretion in the processing, trading, sale and payments for their coffee.

The size of the coffee farms has decreased by over 30 percent from about 170,000 hectares in early 1990s to about 119,000 hectare in 2020.

The production has also decreased by over 70 percent from a peak of 129,000 metric tons in 1983-84 coffee year to about 40,000 metric tons currently.


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