The Annual Grand Auctions by Cup of Excellence from 12 Coffee Producing Countries

The Annual Grand Auctions by Cup of Excellence from 12 Coffee Producing Countries

May 23 - 2021 Coffee Geography Magazine


Farmers can’t postpone or cancel their harvest, which is why COE projected the online auctions through the COVID-19 crisis. Chain of events from twelve major coffee producing countries are organized by Cup of Excellence to find, select and auction the highly appraised coffee beans to the world market. Independent farmers are given all the access, knowledge and privilege to participate in the product screening process to win the auctions. Farmers from Colombia, Nicaragua, Ethiopia, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador, Ecuador, Indonesia, Peru and Brazil took part in series of COE’s top quality assessment.

COE in Ethiopia

USAID Ethiopia Mission Director, Sean Jones has joined the Minister of Agriculture Dr. Oumer Hussien and Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority Director General, Dr. Adugna Debela at this year’s USAID backed Ethiopia Coffee Cub of Excellence competition

The top selected products are now available for the following chain of auctions for sale to international buyers. Buyers need to register online at COE’s official website at www.cupofexcellence.org prior to the auctions dates.

2021 Auction Dates



COE Auction: June 3rd


COE Auction: June 29th

NW Auction: June 28th – July 9th


COE Auction: July 7th

NW Auction: June 28th – July 9th


COE Auction: July 15th

NW Auction: July 12th – 23rd


COE Auction: July 27th

NW Auction: July 26th – August 6th


COE Auction: July 29th

NW Auction: July 26th – August 6th


COE Auction: August 19th

NW Auction: August 9th – 20th


COE Auction: August 10th

NW Auction: August 2nd – 13th


COE Auction: November 18th

NW Auction: November 15th – 26th


COE Auction: December 16th

NW Auction: December 6th – 17th


COE Auction: December 2nd

NW Auction: November 29th – December 10th


COE Auction: December 9th

NW Auction: December 6th – 17th

ambrocios prisma coffee origins

Coffees for COE Ethiopia were evaluated in cupping labs around the world, including at the Ambrocios’ Prisma Coffee Origins in Guatemala.

In 1999 the Cup of Excellence (COE) founders along with the Specialty Coffee Association of America developed the first global internet auction platform for award winning coffees. These auctions have allowed exemplary coffee farmers, whether award winning or not, to realize a greater financial price for their coffees. Prices from the auctions have been multiple times higher than the traditional method of selling. The pricing transparency of the auctions has increased the overall value of top specialty coffees globally- not just for the COE coffees.

The global accessibility of the auctions allowed for any size roaster anywhere in the world to purchase an exemplary award winning coffee either solely or in a group. These are coffees that may not have otherwise been available or even known. Before internet auctions most of the top quality coffees were either blended or sold to the preferred customers of exporters. Transparent auctions supported those roasters or importers wanting a direct channel to high quality farmers and have helped multiple companies expand their customer base and increase the success of their farmer-identified coffees.

In late 2002 with its mission to reward exemplary coffee farmers and to grow the Cup of Excellence program, the Alliance For Coffee Excellence, Inc ( ACE) was created. The founding of ACE relied heavily on donated support from The Brazil Specialty Coffee Association ( BSCA) with Marcelo Vieira becoming its first chairman. Susie Spindler organized ACE as a Montana non profit, took on the responsibility of Executive Director and agreed to manage the fledgling organization and enlarge its impact. In 2003 ACE worked in conjunction with an Australian firm and created its own auction platform and its own website in order to become a membership organization. Several international roasters provided extra funding in exchange for lifetime memberships. The new website and auction platform supported a data base that would allow for greater business and relationship building between the winning farmers, their neighbors and the marketplace.


ACE’s headquarters is based in Portland and it shares a fully certified quality lab with the COE program.

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