Cabin Coffee: Thriving Through Covid 19

Cabin Coffee: Thriving Through Covid 19

April 17 - 2021

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Unlike many businesses particularly with retail coffee outlets which are hurt by the pandemic, Cabin Coffee managed to transform its service sector without being disconnected from its customers. With 20 stores in Iowa and surrounding states, the company was also lucky to have the preset drive thru services ahead of time before the lock down.

According to Robert Barber, the son of the founder of Cabin Coffee, many businesses are closed and sent workers to work from home and no longer needed coffee in office settings.

“We over all up 9 percent in our 20 stores last year on average with our largest increase of 40 percent up.” said Barber.  

Brad and Angie Barber opened the first Cabin Coffee in Clear Lake, Iowa in 2002.  The Community of Clear Lake and the surrounding area embraced Cabin Coffee with open arms and catapulted Cabin Coffee for growth.  
Brad and Angie Barber

Brad and Angie Barber, Cabin Coffee

People always ask them “where was the first Cabin Coffee”?  Their answer is always“Clear Lake” Iowa. That was always their dream to have multiple locations. Today the Clear Lake store serves as the support center for all franchise stores.

The first franchise location opened up in St. Charles, Minnesota in November 2007. Since then, more investors are flowing one at a time to share the profit pie with the company. Currently, Cabin Coffee has 20  locations in 6 different states.


Cabin Coffee Franchising, Inc. provides training, supporting and serving services to each franchisee maximizing performance to provide customers with consistent and utmost services with branded coffee. The company uniquely features a Western/Northwoods design giving coffee drinkers an Eco-friendly sentiment understanding where the coffee beans are picked before the roasting. The strict guideline to all the location to keep the architectural standard paid off as a trademark to standout throughout the region. 


However, things were not always smooth in 2020/21. As customers’ behavior evolved all of the sudden due to Covid 19, Cabin Coffee had to react to catch up with that.

“We are lucky to be in the coffee industry where we hae an affordable luxury  that can make someone feel like a million bucks for a few dollars.” Said Robert Barber thoughtfully, “Our drive thru business thrived.”


Cabin Coffee roast its beans on each sites to ensure its flavors and aroma reach the customers fresh without compromising for quality in such difficult time. 

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