Blue Collar Coffee Co.’s first Indiana shop

Blue Collar Coffee Co.’s first Indiana shop

April 10-2021

Coffee Geography Magazine

The Bottle works District is the new home to the Blue Collar Coffee Co.’s first Indiana shop.


General manager Paige Mason says the original owners are bringing a small-town Wisconsin taste to downtown Indianapolis.


“They really wanted to focus on the folks that are the hardworking mid western folks,” Mason, said. “That’s the Blue Collar people that bring that to life.”

It’s an atmosphere they thought would be well-received across state lines and at the Bottle works Hotel.


For Mason, who is also the food and beverage director of the hotel, running Indy’s first Blue Collar Coffee is a special job.

“I’m born and raised in Indianapolis and just being part of something that has such a rich history, not only just from the 1930s and then we’re bringing it back to life, It’s just something that’s very exciting,” she said.


Another unique element she believes is a highlight to the shop is its “Pay it Forward” wall.


“Anytime you want to buy a latte or coffee for somebody — it can be a friend; it can be somebody you don’t even know — you write their name or who it’s for and you stick it right in here,” she said.


Some customers take the opportunity to buy coffee as a surprise gifts to first responders. “Especially with what’s going on in the world right now and for the past year or two, it’s nice to focus on doing things for each other,” she said.

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