Intelligentsia Coffee to Pioneer in Ready-to-Drink Category

Intelligentsia Coffee to Pioneer in Ready-to-Drink Category

Specialty Coffee Pioneer Launches Cold Coffee, Oat Latte and Spiced Oat Latte Nationally Online and in Coffeebar Locations

Februray. 26, 2021 

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IntelligentsiaCoffee, one of specialty coffee's pioneering brands enters the ready-to-drink category today with the launch of three beverages, Cold Coffee, Oat Latte and Spiced Oat Latte. Intelligentsia's commitment to sourcing the world's best coffees carries into ready-to-drink; the coffee in all three beverages is a blend of Ethiopian coffee from their direct trade partners at METADsupplemented by Guatemalan coffee produced by Finca Santa Ana or Peruvian coffee sourced from Origin Coffee Lab during different points of the year due to seasonality.

"One thing we said during the process of creating our ready-to-drink beverages was that we didn't want to put drinks on the market just to keep up with everyone else, we wanted to enter this category with outstanding offerings that showcase Intelligentsia's dedication to quality," said James McLaughlin, CEO of Intelligentsia Coffee.


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The product line is inspired by customer favorites at Intelligentsia's coffeebars, where Oatly beverages make up 13% of orders and cold coffee is a bestseller year-round. Oat Latte and Spiced Oat Latte are a continuation of Intelligentsia's partnership with Oatly, which started in 2016 when the specialty coffee company became the first American business to offer the dairy milk alternative in its coffeebars.


Details include:


Cold Coffee: Intelligentsia's Cold Coffee is brewed hot to express depth of aroma and complexity of flavors and flash chilled to preserve the coffee's natural sweetness. Tasting notes of caramel, lime and cherry.

Oat Latte: This creamy and rich latte pairs Intelligentsia's cold coffee with Oatly oatmilk and has tasting notes of sugar cookie, milk chocolate and molasses

Spiced Oat Latte: In 2018, Intelligentsia introduced a new latte in coffeebars that was inspired by Avena, a spiced and sweetened oat beverage consumed widely across South America that became their top-selling seasonal drink of all time. Made with Oatly oatmilk and is accented with flavors of cinnamon, vanilla, orange, and ginger.

Cold Coffee, Oat Latte and Spiced Oat Latte are vegan, gluten-free and are packaged in 100% recyclable 11 oz. Tetra-Pak Prisma cartons. Available online now at www.intelligentsia.com and at coffeebar locations in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles and NYC for $3.99.


About Intelligentsia Coffee

Intelligentsia Coffee was founded by Doug Zell and Emily Mange in 1995, in the pursuit of a great tasting, freshly roasted cup of coffee. Fast forward 26 years, and Intelligentsia remains one of specialty coffees most pioneering and innovative companies. Intelligentsia's Direct Trade sourcing model has created opportunities for thousands of smallholder coffee farmers around the world and been adopted by specialty coffee roasters everywhere. Known for their In-Season program and unique single-origin and rotating blends, Intelligentsia provides exclusive, remarkable coffees consumers won't find anywhere else. 

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