GEGR And Specialty Coffee Brand, Officina Cialda Signs For Joint Partnership

GEGR And Specialty Coffee Brand Officina Cialda Signs For Joint Partnership

February 1-2021 Coffee Geography Magazine Gaensel Energy, Inc., a diversified holding company with assets in Software/Gaming and VR, Health and Wellness, CRM & Data, as well as General Contracting and Patented Building supplies announced that its recent investment in Officina della Cialda is yielding excellent results. Officina della Cialda has acquired 100% of Center Caffeé,  an online platform featuring a diverse array of coffee pods and capsules direct to retailers.

CenterCaffee has established a widely held reputation from its customers as a reliable, cost-effective platform offering speedy and accurate order fulfillment and responsive customer service. Its reputation is well-earned as a fulfillment center completing all orders same day throughout its customer base in Italy. CenterCaffee web portal boasts a B2B Customer base of over 1140 business and produced annual revenues in FY 2020 of over $3,300,000 USD. Management anticipates cumulative growth through 2021 and beyond.


Centercaffè.it is positioning itself to become the largest B2B coffee and tea capsule/pod distribution platform, featuring top name and specialty brands including Nespresso and Illy, to name a few.


Additionally, fresh off GEGR's announcement that Officina della Cialda (OdC) signed agreements to effect the expedited launch and expansion of more than 100+ additional locations in Europe, beginning with its flagship locations in Italy, OdC reports the opening of four stores additional next week, including one in Catania, one in Fossano (Turin), and two stores in Milan, all in line with the Company's initiative to expedite development of stores to total 100+ in 2021 in line with the current demand for product.


These additional four stores launching next week are estimated to yield over $600,000 USD annually in revenue for Officina della Cialda. The Management is enthusiastic in reporting these additional franchise openings were made possible by contracts signed within hours of the Gaensel Energy Group acquisition announcement. Details include a strategic alliance with Coffee Production and Exports specialist ILDA CAFFÈ and its subsidiary, Colombia-based De Las Cordilleras, a major Colombian coffee producer serving the world market with over 15,000,000kg annually.   INDUSTRY HIGHLIGHTS   The Italian market for hot drinks is dominated by coffee, accounting for more than 70% of the market. 75% of the coffee consumed by Italians was drunk at home. Coffee has become an integral part of Italian culture, with around 8 million bags imported annually. Independent cafes hold more than 90% of the Italy coffee market while International players hold a minuscule share. To give a third-wave coffee culture, international brands like Starbucks, opened its first store in Milan, Italy in 2018. The European coffee pods and capsules market is expected to witness a CAGR of 6.8% over the forecast period, 2020-2025.   The growth drivers of coffee pods and capsules in Europe over the past few years have been a combination of convenience, premium positioning, brand experience, and the ability of manufacturers to innovate and provide new products. The popularity of coffee pod machines in significant markets such as the United Kingdom is significantly increasing, owing to a rise in the average retail selling price of coffee, which is driving the growth of the coffee pods market in the country. On the other hand, a significantly large number of consumers are switching from instant coffee to more premium options, such as fresh ground coffee pods and coffee beans, which is expected to boost the sales of coffee pods during the forecast period.

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Gaensel Energy, Inc., (OTC PINK: GEGR) is a diversified holding company actively engaged in driving shareholder value through acquisitions and partnerships focused on opportunities in the Energy, Manufacturing, Software, and Technology markets.

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