Re-exports by ICO importing Members and the United States, increased by 8.3% to 4.31 million bags in September 2020
Re-exports by ICO importing Members and the United States, increased by 8.3% to 4.31 million bags  in  September  2020 In  coffee  year  2019/20,  their  total   re-exports  rose  by  0.4%  to 46.93 million bags. Re-exports  by the  EU in coffee year 2019/20 fell by 0.3% to 38.56 million bags, while those  of the USA by declined  6% to 2.66 million bags. Re-exports  from the United Kingdom fell by 24.6% to  1.45 million  bags.  However, re-exports by all other  ICO importing Members increased. Japan’s re-exports more than doubled  to 309,700 bags due to strong growth in soluble  re-exports, particularly  to the Russian Federation,  Japan, and China.


Re-exports  from Norway grew  by 46.3% to  20,700  bags  on increased  shipments to  the  EU, notably  Denmark, Sweden,  and  the  United  Kingdom.  The  Russian  Federation’s  re-exports  rose  by  45.7%  to 1.59 million bags as both roasted  and soluble shipments increased. The main destinations for the Russian Federations’  roasted  re-exports were Belarus, the Ukraine, and Georgia and for soluble re-exports were Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan. Re-exports  from Switzerland  increased  by 14% to 2.34 million bags with much of the growth from re-exports of roasted  coffee to France, USA and Germany as well as newer markets  like the Republic of Korea and Indonesia.  Tunisia’s re-exports grew by 6.1% to 157 bags. In coffee year 2019/20, re-exports of roasted coffee from the ICO importing Members and the USA decreased by 0.1% to 22.54  million bags as increases in re-exports of soluble coffee offset declines  in  roasted  coffee.  The  EU’s  re-exports  of  roasted   coffee  decreased  by  1.2%  to 18.35 million  bags,  while  those   of  the  USA  fell  by  3.9%  to  1.61  million  bags.  However, Switzerland’s re-exports of roasted  coffee  rose  by 14.8% to  1.82 million  bags.  Re-exports  of soluble  coffee increased  by 0.7% to 11.93 million bags. Soluble re-exports from the EU rose by 0.6% to 8.5 million bags, and those  from the Russian Federation  grew by 35.5% to 1.28 million bags. However, re-exports from the United Kingdom fell by 32.4% to 813,000 bags.

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