The monthly average of the ICO composite indicator rose by 4.6% to 114.74 US cents/lb in December 2020
The monthly average of the ICO  composite  indicator rose by 4.6% to 114.74 US cents/lb  in December 2020 The daily composite  indicator fell to a low of 110.35 US cents/lb on 9 December before climbing back up to 116.98 on 17 December. The daily price remained  at a similar level for the  remainder  of the  month  until  reaching  a high of 119.21  US cents/lb on 31 December. Prices in December were supported by sustained demand as evidenced by a continued drawdown in green coffee stocks in large importing  countries,  such as the USA, as well as the depreciation of the US dollar. Additionally, while exports from Brazil have surged due to the sizeable 2020/21 crop, this was partially offset by a decline  in shipments from other  Arabica producers,  reducing the downward pressure  on prices.
dec group indicator

Prices for all Arabica group indicators rose in December 2020.  The average  price for Colombian. Milds rose by 5.7% to 170.44 US cents/lb, which is the highest  monthly average since Novembe2016 when it averaged  177.85 US cents/lb.   After declining in October and November 2020, the average  price for Other Milds rose by 4.7% to 157.81  US cents/lb. As a result,  the  differential between Colombia Milds and Other Milds rose by 20.5% to 12.63 US cents/lb,  which is the largest difference  since June 2012  when  it reached  15.98 US cents/lb.  The average  price for Brazilian Naturals  grew by 8% to 114.96  US cents/lb,  while Robusta  prices averaged  72.04 US cents/lb0.5% lower than in November 2020.

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