Coffee Triangle of Colombia
The Coffee Triangle Of Colombia

The Colombian Coffee Triangle or Coffee Belt consists of three Colombian regions: Caldas, Risaralda and Quindio. The area is famous for producing the majority of Colombian coffee, often considered the best in the world. It’s also simply a beautiful place to visit.

For international coffee buyers in large scale or roasters for small distribution, the visit to these wonderful places helps you grasp quite good knowledge about growing coffee bean. The most popular destination to the Coffee Triangle is the lovely little town of Salento in Quindio department. With its colorful traditional architecture, excellent variety of restaurants, and coffee tours, Salento is already established as a must-visit spot on the Colombian traveler trail. Equally popular is the nearby Cocora Valley hike, a stunning trail through the mountains that passes through farms and cloud forest to arrive at a surreal valley full of the tallest palm trees in the world.

Finca El Ocaso and Don Eduardo are also key places to delve into the culture of Colombian coffee, which is so deeply entrenched in this region that the area has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site called, ‘The Coffee Cultural Landscape of Colombia’. The best coffee tour in the area, and almost certainly in Colombia, is the WakeCup Experience tour in the pretty little town of Pijao. An immersive full-day tour that visits local farmers and introduces visitors to the people involved at every stage of the process, the WakeCup Experience is the tour for anyone with a passion for Colombian coffee.

A hot-air balloon flight over the stunning landscape covered by thick forest where the best Colombian bean are peaked would give you a good knowledge about the topography and the ecosystem required for coffee growing.

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