Cafe Domino increases coffee distribution in Florida where its roasting is based

Cafe Domino increases coffee distribution in Florida where its roasting is based

May 26 - 2024

Coffee Geography Magazine

Cafe Domino, a flagship subsidiary of Star 8 Inc. and a renowned Florida-based coffee roaster arranged the distribution of its roasted coffee bags of different types with South Florida supermarkets. 

"Miami has a rich history with Cafe Domino, and we are committed to being the market leader here," said Pino Impagliazzo, CEO of Cafe Domino. "Our company has a unique family history stemming from a century of artisan coffee producers in Italy, Colombia, and the USA. The Miami community understands Café Domino, and we have high confidence their support will continue to drive our success in South Florida."

Cafe Domino has gained new distribution in several major grocery retailers across Florida, with a presence in nearly 100 locations. The company just added four SKUs of bagged coffee: 10oz, 14oz, 2-pound bags, and Frack packs to be carried in select stores. With goals to expand to an additional 120 supermarkets within the next 12 months, Cafe Domino is under negotiation to open a flagship cafe located in Miami's Little Havana. This flagship cafe will serve as a hub for coffee lovers and enthusiasts, offering a unique experience that celebrates the rich coffee culture of Miami.

Furthermore, Cafe Domino is now available in Novotel Miami Brickell, further solidifying its presence in the hotel industry. This addition marks a significant milestone in Cafe Domino's expansion strategy, providing guests at Novotel Miami Brickell with premium coffee options and enhancing their overall hospitality experience. 

"Café Domino's sales in Florida have increased since it was acquired 2020 by Impagliazzo Holdings Group, now part of Star8. In just three short years, the brand has secured over 350 accounts including boutiques, grocery retail, and large restaurant chains. Cafe Domino's sales have increased over the last quarter, reflecting its strong market presence and growing consumer demand," Pino Impagliazzo added. "With over 10 million cups of Domino's coffee brewed, we are in an aggressive growth stage with a goal to become the coffee of choice nationwide."