Starbucks Reserve brings new malt beverages at the selected elite roasteries and stores

Starbucks Reserve brings new malt beverages at the selected elite roasteries and stores

March 13 - 2024

Coffee Geography Magazine

U.S. Starbucks Reserve® locations in Seattle, New York and Chicago starting launches new Starbucks Reserve® malt and affogato beverages for the spring that feature exquisite Starbucks Reserve® coffee. Scoop into a Caramel Mocha Drizzle Affogato, delight in a unique Whiskey Barrel-Aged Malt, or sample three different affogatos with the Roastery Affogato Flight. Both affogatos and malts can be customized with oatmilk based gelato.

Caramel Mocha Drizzle Affogato Starbucks Reserve® Espresso and mocha over creamy vanilla gelato, topped with caramel drizzle and a mini stroopwafel.


Whiskey Barrel-Aged Malt A decadent malted milkshake starring Whiskey Barrel-Aged Cold Brew, blended with vanilla gelato, chocolate and orange bitters, topped with whipped cream and an Amarena cherry.


Roastery Affogato Flight A trio featuring Caramel Mocha Drizzle, Whiskey-Barrel Aged and Banana Crisp Oatmilk mini-sized affogatos.


Orange Spice Espresso Martini (Spirit-Free) The featured espresso martini for spring is spirit-free. The Orange Spice Espresso Martini first debuted this past January and features Starbucks Reserve® Espresso, Spiritless Kentucky 74 Spiced, Vanilla Syrup, Scrappy’s Orange Bitters, garnished with Dried Orange Wheel.


Starbucks Reserve is a program by the international coffeehouse chain Starbucks. The program involves operation of worldwide roasteries; currently six are in operation. Also part of the program are 28 coffee bars preparing Starbucks Reserve products, what Starbucks considers its rarest and best-quality coffees, usually single-origin coffees. Some Starbucks Reserve coffee is also sold in about 1,500 of the chain's traditional outlets.


The program began as Starbucks desired to compete in the high-end coffee market, competing against premium coffee retailers like Stumptown Coffee Roasters, Dillanos Coffee Roasters and Blue Bottle Coffee. Starbucks began its Starbucks Reserve program in 2010 through online sales and a small number of its retail locations, selling small-batch arabica coffees. Later, the company opened its first Reserve location, a three-story store in Latin America, solely selling Colombian coffee. The first Starbucks Reserve roastery opened in December 2014 in Seattle.


Starbucks Reserve includes three different types of locations: the "Starbucks Reserve Roastery", the "Reserve Bar", and the "Reserve Store". The roasteries, usually tens of thousands of square feet (thousands of square meters), are often described as a theme park experience, including coffee bars with tastings, cocktail bars, areas to observe the roasting and brewing processes, areas to purchase food, and local artwork throughout. The facilities also roast, package, and ship coffee to stores in their regions.

The company currently operates a total of six roasteries, in Seattle (opened 2014), Shanghai (2017), Milan (2018), New York City (2018), Tokyo (2019), and Chicago (2019). The company initially planned to open at least 20 roasteries, though it announced in 2019 that it would be scaling back its plans, with Chicago being the last roastery to be built at the moment. 

Reserve Bars are traditional Starbucks locations that sell some Starbucks Reserve products, supplied by a regional roastery. There are 43 locations, all of which include the regular Starbucks menu, and also have a coffee bar for a similar experience to the coffee bars in the roasteries. There are currently approximately five Reserve Stores in operation, with one located in Starbucks' headquarters, Starbucks Center, in Seattle. Other stores are located in New York, Mumbai, Prague and Shanghai. These stores sell merchandise, food and drink such as Reserve Coffee, Princi food items, and locally-unique merchandise similar to that of the roasteries.