Historic investment by the Löfberg coffee family in Karlstad

Historic investment by the Löfberg coffee family in Karlstad

December 27 - 2023

Coffee Geography Magazine

The Löfberg family has contributed to urban development in Karlstad in many different ways over the years. Now it's time again. Today, they are presenting the plans for a historic investment that includes a new coffee roaster in Välsviken, which provides space for new homes, offices, restaurants, walking paths and more at Bryggudden. But no, there will be no apartments in the iconic coffee scraper. The Löfberg family wants as many people as possible to have access to it. 

The coffee roastery moves to Välsviken, but it will be kept the coffee scraper in the family's possession. They want to create a destination loaded with experiences that are a joy for the residents and that can attract visitors to Karlstad. Here the food, drink and culture will be the important parts.

“One way or another, of course, they must ensure that the aroma of coffee continues in the area,” says Mikael Löfberg, fourth generation Löfberger. 

The investment in a new roastery in Välsviken and continued development of Bryggudden is the largest in the Löfberg family's history, and requires careful planning. 

“It is probably about ten years before they can put the shovel in the ground, which means that they have plenty of time to prepare to create something that both the family and the people of Karlstad think is really good” says Mikael Löfberg. 

The coffee business leaving the center gives the Löfberg family's real estate company, Löfberg Fastigheter, opportunities to continue developing Bryggudden, which over the past decade has become one of Karlstad's most popular neighborhoods. The ambition is to strengthen the area's profile as a modern and sustainable district with a rich history. 

“The new area is now called Löfbergskajen, and a new design with walking paths, social areas and activities will make the area even more lively and welcoming” says Therese Gustafsson, chairman of the board of Löfberg Fastigheter and fourth generation Löfberg resident. 

In total, it is about an area of approximately 45,000 square meters that is added to the area, and which is distributed among approximately 300 homes, underground garages, offices, restaurants, cafes and premises for other activities. The expansion will take place in stages so that residents and businesses are affected as little as possible during the course of the project.

“In the planning, both residents, those who work in the area and the general public would be involved to pitch in their innovative ideas to ensure a positive and sustainable development that strengthens Bryggudden and Karlstad's attractiveness” says Therese Gustafsson. 

Löfberg's sales figures point upwards, which means that they are outgrowing the premises in the centre. In order to meet increased demand, they plan to build another coffee roaster in Välsviken. This makes Löfbergs to move the business from the iconic coffee scraper in central Karlstad, where coffee has been roasted since 1960.

“This is an investment that breathes faith in the future. We are growing both in Sweden and abroad, which means that we can make new large investments that strengthen the coffee town of Karlstad. This is where it started and this is where we have our future” says Kathrine Löfberg, chairman of the board of Löfbergs and fourth generation Löfbergare, 

 Löfbergs was founded in Karlstad in 1906 by the brothers Anders, John and Josef Löfberg and is still a family business, now in the third and fourth generation.