Nespresso introduced coronation coffee flavors with royal drink recipes

Nespresso introduced coronation coffee flavors with royal drink recipes

May 6 - 2023

Coffee Geography Magazine

To celebrate Coronation of King Charles III today, Nespresso has launched a limited edition coronation collection to celebrate the event. Overtaken the consumption of tea, Coffee is now the top drink consumed in the U.K. with two cups per day on average.

Offered as a gift with purchases, the Jewels of Nespresso sleeve – for both Original and Vertuo lines – features seven bestselling Nespresso capsules. There are also a range of Coronation keepsakes for the occasion, such as an engraved mug for £20, coffee towel for £15, and tote bag for £15. To further celebrate Charles taking the throne, the latest addition to Nespresso’s flavour portfolio– Barista Creations Whiskey Essence is available in the package. The new, non-alcoholic flavor is being touted as an ideal alternative for toasting the monarch on Saturday morning, before the coronation starts. 

The Jewels of Nespresso collection is exclusive to the UK and available in Nespresso shops and online, priced at £52.60 for 120 Original pods and £54.60 for 90 Vertuo capsules. All these recipes need access to a Nespresso Vertuo Coffee machine and coffee capsules, but can be tweaked depending on the option available for the users. The historic Coronation of Their Majesties King Charles III and Queen Camilla will take place in Westminster Abbey today,on Saturday, May 6, 2023.

Blueberry Mocha

Blueberry Mocha Ingredients: 

 1 Colombia Capsule 80ml milk 

10ml vanilla syrup 

2 squares of Nespresso dark chocolate (milk) 

Sprinkle of freeze dried blueberries 

Barista Recipe Maker 


 Add milk, syrup and dark chocolate to the Barista Recipe Maker 

Froth using the ‘Mocha setting’ 

Add this to your mug 

Brew the Colombia capsule on top 

Sprinkle with dried blueberries 

Serve and savour

Strawberries and Cream

Strawberries and Cream Ingredients: 

 1 Colombia capsule 

80ml milk 

5ml strawberry syrup 

20ml whipped cream 

10ml strawberry sauce 

Strawberries, to garnish 

Barista Recipe Maker 

Method: Add milk and strawberry syrup to the Recipe Maker and froth using the Latte Macchiato setting 

Pour milk into your mug 

Brew the capsule of Colombia on top 

Add whipped cream and strawberry sauce 

Garnish with fresh strawberries

The ‘Charlie’

The ‘Charlie’ 


 1 Barista Creations Flavour Whiskey Essense capsule 

6 ice cubes 

200ml Fever Tree Spanish clementine tonic water 

Orange peel for garnish 

Barista shaker 


 Add 2 ice cubes into each glass 

Add 100ml of the clementine tonic water to each glass 

In the Barista shaker, add two iced cubes and brew the capsule on top 

Shake well and pour slowly into each glass 

Garnish with orange peel 

Serve and enjoy