Taisugar from Taiwan considers ending the importation of Honduran coffee

Taisugar from Taiwan considers ending the importation of Honduran coffee

April 25 - 2023

Coffee Geography Magazine

Taisugar, a key coffee importer in Taiwan will end the importation of coffee from Honduras, in light of the country's recent decision to switch diplomatic allegiance to China. The state-run company still got 20-30 metric tonnes of Honduran coffee in stock, which was expected to be sold out by the end of April, after which it would stop importing that product from the Central American country. It will explore the possibility of importing coffee from Guatemala and other countries with diplomatic ties to Taiwan.

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Honduras announced last month that it had formally cut ties with Taiwan to establish diplomatic links with the People's Republic of China. Taisugar had established an office in Honduras in 2018 to help boost the country's coffee industry, in accordance with Taiwan's diplomatic policies, but the company said it will now close the office and withdraw from Honduras, in light of the diplomatic split with Taiwan. 

Since 2017, it has been importing coffee produced by small farmers in the mountains of Honduras as main source for the Asian country. The company assured that the severance of diplomatic ties with Honduras is not likely to significantly affect Taiwan's coffee market. 

"Honduran coffee accounts for only a small share of Taiwan's coffee market, and the product is used mainly for coffee blends here," said Bess Wu, a senior sales manager at a Taipei-based trading company that also imports coffee from Honduras.