De’Longhi intensified its ads campaign featuring Brad Pitt as brand ambassador

De’Longhi intensified its ads campaign featuring Brad Pitt as brand ambassador

April 13 - 2023

Coffee Geography Magazine

Derege L. Gemeda

The self-proclaimed coffee connoisseur and De’Longhi’s long time brand ambassador, Brad Pitt has been presenting the highly praised coffee machines and grinders on the mainstream media. The perfectly directed and produced ad for De’Longhi coffee machine was set from peaceful scenery of brief aerial shot of California as the scene developed with traveling couple to their warm modern cabin where they ended up preparing their coffee using De’Longhi.

The ad glorifies the superiority of the machine and stresses the importance of fresh beans in the coffee making. The overall message of the ad is the option for quality home brewing using De’Longhi as easy tool to make everyone’s life much simpler. The campaign will run till October 2023 and will be prominently featured in residential and commercial areas. 

The coffee machine company was founded by the De'Longhi family in 1902 as a small industrial parts manufacturing workshop. The company incorporated in 1950 as a major producer of portable heaters and air conditioners followed by the expansion of nearly every category of small domestic appliances including coffee machines and grinders 

“The buy of our domination pack is a cost-effective approach for De’Longhi to increase brand exposure and impact while engaging with a much wider audience of coffee enthusiasts. This allows De’Longhi to flexibly reach their demographics across all geographic areas, ultimately enhancing brand recognition and solidifying their commitment to delivering high-quality coffee experiences,” says Amanda Woo, Chief Development Officer. 

 Adeline Tan, Marketing Director at De’Longhi Group, said: “Although many coffee drinkers enjoy coffee beverages from cafes and specialty stores, they may not realize they can easily brew cafe-quality coffee at home. De’Longhi manufactures a wide range of coffee machines to cater for various coffee brewing needs. To encourage more people to take up home brewing, we aim to increase awareness of the ease and convenience of using De’Longhi machines. Additionally, being visible to consumers in their daily routine, such as during grocery shopping or at work, can further accelerate their desire to enjoy the café lifestyle at home.”