Capresso Expands CoffeeTEAM GS Collection

Capresso Expands CoffeeTEAM GS Collection

March 29 - 2023

Coffee Geography Magazine

Few trends are as enduring as starting the day with coffee – three fourths of Americans drink coffee daily, and over two thirds of Americans are brewing it at home. Capresso caters to coffee lovers by expanding its best-selling CoffeeTEAM GS collection with a new color – white. Sleek and streamlined, this space-saving specialty coffee maker features a white body and trim, accented with a stainless front panel.

Capresso's CoffeeTEAM GS allows users to personalize their brew by programing how much coffee to grind, the fineness of the grind, and coffee strength. Featuring a 6-oz. bean storage bin, the machine freshly grinds whole coffee beans using professional-grade steel burrs. The slow grinding process imparts minimal heat, preserving more aroma and producing a more uniform grind than blades. The beans are ground directly into the permanent GoldTone Filter, which is superior to paper filters and easy to clean. Water passes through a charcoal medium that removes up to 82 percent of impurities for a better tasting cup of coffee. 

The freshly brewed coffee is kept at the optimal temperature in the 10-cup glass carafe. Automatic shut-off after 2 hours adds convenience. 

Capresso offers innovative coffeemakers, espresso machines, grinders, and other kitchen electrics which are now available to the market.