Starwest Partners with Pachamama Coffee to offer organic farmer-owned coffee

Starwest Partners with Pachamama Coffee to offer organic farmer-owned coffee

March 7 - 2023

Coffee Geography Magazine

Starwest Botanicals is joining forces with Sacramento neighbor and farmer-owned cooperative – Pachamama Coffee – to offer 100 percent organic and shade grown coffee. 

Owned and governed by coffee farmers from Latin America to Africa, Pachamama Coffee Cooperative members tend to some of the most precious ecosystems on the planet. Their USDA-certified organic, shade grown coffee ranks as some of the highest grades of coffee available. Coffee shrubs thrive under the robust shade of a diverse ecosystem. The flora and fauna protected by land dedicated to shade grown coffee production shelters wildlife, like birds, and provides food to farmer families. 

"This is a success story of two local companies known for ethical sourcing and sustainability coming together to do business in a new way," said Cole Daily, CEO Starwest Botanicals. "This business model changes the narrative for coffee farmers. They set their own prices for coffee and all profits made from the business are allocated back to the cooperatives."

Cole Daily, CEO Starwest Botanicals

Cole Daily, CEO Starwest Botanicals

Starwest Coffee will be packaged in earth-friendly 10 ounce or 2 pound compostable Biotre1.0 bags. Made from 60 percent renewable wood pulp, bags will disintegrate into healthy compost in a backyard, home composting environment. 

Starwest coffee is available in five, whole bean varieties for both wholesale and retail customers. 

Pachamama Coffee was founded by visionaries in coffee communities around the world. The founding farmers and partners knew they could build a better future and better supply chain that benefitted coffee farmers and coffee drinkers alike. It was time to change the industry and take control of their own business.

"As a consumer you have a choice when you go to the grocery store or a coffee shop to choose something better for your own health and better for all of those involved throughout the supply chain," said Thaleon. "Our hope is to bring light to better ways of doing business by buying your products with the planet and people in mind." 

Roasting, packing, and shipping coffee is the foundation of Pachamama Coffee. Based in El Dorado Hills, CA the production and roasting team make sure that every bag of coffee packed is filled with the freshest coffee possible.