Support People Affected by the Earthquakes in Turkey

Support People Affected by the Earthquakes in Turkey

On Monday, February 6, 2023, the southeast region of Turkey was hit by two powerful earthquakes that devastated the area, affecting not only Turkey but also neighboring countries such as Syria and Lebanon. The earthquakes caused widespread destruction, with thousands of buildings being destroyed, countless lives lost, tens of thousands of people injured, and access to basic necessities being cut off. The harsh winter weather is exacerbating the situation, making rescue efforts more difficult and putting even more people at risk. 

SCA Turkey is working closely with the local coffee community to provide support to the search and rescue teams and those in the hardest-hit areas. This includes coordinating the collection and delivery of coffee and other essential supplies. As we do this, we are partnering with members of the coffee community in the affected regions, such as @alirezarazzaghzadeh, the 2022 Turkish Brewers Cup champion based in Gaziantep. Collection points are currently being established in key cities in the country to ensure that aid can be quickly and effectively distributed. In the coming days, @scaturkeyofficial will be sharing more about these efforts and highlighting stories from the affected region. 

The coffee community is known for coming together in times of crisis, and this disaster is no exception. The outpouring of support from those who have already reached out to offer help and support is truly inspiring, and the solidarity is invaluable during this difficult time. For those who would like to further donate to the cause, you can send your donations directly to the organizations below:

AFAD, Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency: https://en.afad.gov.tr/campaigns 

 AHBAP ASSOCIATION: https://ahbap.org/disasters-turkey 

 KIZILAY - Turkish Red Crescent: https://www.kizilay.org.tr/Bagis/BagisYap/405/donations-for-earthquake-in-pazarcik 

The SCA Turkey National Committee would like to express its gratitude to everyone who is standing with the Turkish people during this challenging time. The support and kindness shown by the coffee community is truly heartwarming, and it is a reminder of the power of coming together in the face of adversity. 

Thank you very much for all your support. 

ASLI YAMAN, National Coordinator 


TRENT ROLLINGS, Judges Coordinator 

CEM TOLGA, Community Coordinator 

ELIF ÜNAL, Education Coordinator 

KAAN YAREN, Stage Manager and Technical Coordinator 

SCA Turkey Chapter