Proud Mary starts serving premium cup of coffee, Black Jaguar Geisha from Panama for $150USD

Proud Mary starts serving premium cup of coffee, Black Jaguar Geisha from Panama for $150USD

February 5 - 2023

Coffee Geography Magazine

Proud Mary Coffee starts serving Black Jaguar Geisha from Hartmann Estate in Panama from February 6 for its coffee customers . The cafe will only sell 22 cups of the coffee in the United States, split between its Portland and Austin locations. The coffee won first place at the 2022 Best of Panama competition, and Proud Mary purchased one pound of it for $2,000. However, there are options for those who do not want to spend $150 for a cup of coffee. People can preorder a different Geisha from the same farm to be entered into a competition for a “golden ticket,” which will allow one person in the United States to try the coffee for free. As of Monday February 6, the Portland and Austin Proud Mary cafes will offer five additional coffees from Hartmann, likely priced high but not $150-high.

Proud Mary Coffee is well recognized as the Portland leader for super prestigious, award-winning coffee beans. There are very few other places in the city that consistently carry Cup of Excellence honorees — despite the fact the nonprofit is based here. The outstanding and exclusive cups from Proud Mary attract coffee enthusiasts from across the United States where the café also carries a few $10 to $15 cups from prized farms like Elida Estate in Panama or Alto de Abra in Costa Rica — including various coffees from the sustainability-minded coffee competition. 

The third-generation coffee farm in Panama’s Renacimiento district, Hartmann Estate consists of two farms within the native rainforest near the Costa Rican border, battling significant rainfall and wind chill at night. The effect of the climate serves to cool down the plants, slowing growth and developing flavor. However, yield is low, meaning there aren’t a ton of beans to go around. And the family behind the farm is adamant that the rainforest providing shade for the coffee plants stays intact.