Paris Baguette starts offering the authentic Italian coffee brand, Lavazza

Paris Baguette starts offering the authentic Italian coffee brand, Lavazza

January 30 - 2023

Coffee Geography Magazine

Paris Baguette, the neighborhood bakery café where communities come together and connect over their expertly crafted baked and brewed goods, is now offering an authentic Italian coffee experience. The company launched a partnership with innovative coffee company Lavazza to serve a variety of high-quality coffee blends at its 100-plus locations nationwide. Now, the same bakery café that serves decadent desserts and fresh-baked breads also offers the most favorite coffee in Europe. 

The Paris Baguette and Lavazza partnership highlights the organizations' shared passions for supporting and making a positive impact on local communities. Through Lavazza's sustainability initiatives and Paris Baguette's commitment to giving back, both companies hope to make a real and lasting difference in the communities they serve. 

Paris Baguette will be serving a selection of Rainforest Alliance-certified coffees, including Lavazza's specialty "La Reserva de ¡Tierra! Selection," a premium blend of high-grade natural and washed Arabica from Central and South America. A perfect balance between notes of jasmine flowers, almonds and milk chocolate, a medium body and a delicate taste. La Reserva de ¡Tierra! Selection features coffee sourced from communities supported by the Lavazza Foundation, with social responsibility projects aimed at developing living conditions and economic growth while respecting the environment.

All Paris Baguette specialty coffee beverages will be made with Lavazza's coffee blends and cafés will serve the brand's popular ready-to-drink cans of refreshing cold brew that are organic and Rainforest Alliance certified. The ready-to-drink cans are available in four flavor profiles that offer both dairy and non-dairy options. The flavors include: Classic Cold Brew, Nitro Cold Brew, Cappuccino Cold Brew with Milk and Double Shot Cold Brew with Oat Milk. 

"Paris Baguette is proud to partner with Lavazza, which shares a commitment to using quality ingredients, sustainable practices and a passion for spreading joy," said Pete Bell, chief marketing officer at Paris Baguette. "We're looking forward to working with Lavazza to deliver exceptional service to our customers while taking care of our neighbors, our planet and our future."

Pete Bell, chief marketing officer at Paris Baguette

Pete Bell, chief marketing officer at Paris Baguette

The partnership also provides Lavazza customers with easier access to their favorite coffee drinks, which they can now get at any Paris Baguette location. Lavazza has crafted a custom coffee program for Paris Baguette to ensure beverages will continue to be the high quality that coffee enthusiasts are accustomed to. The program includes co-branded coffee cups, brewing equipment, and other in-café materials, plus extensive staff training on authentic Italian brewing practices. 

"We are excited to expand our footprint in the United States through this new partnership with Paris Baguette and introduce our line of products to their loyal customer base," shared Camille Vareille, VP - Head of Marketing Americas at Lavazza Group. "As a value-driven brand, we believe Paris Baguette perfectly complements our mission to create quality products while also providing real, lasting impacts within our communities." 

With a projected 1,000 bakery cafés in the United States by 2030, Paris Baguette is on a mission to reestablish the neighborhood bakery café as the heart of the community. Paris Baguette serves craveable baked and brewed treats and creates warm and welcoming experiences through a blend of gracious service, expert craftsmanship and community connections.