Smile Compostable Solution’s Coffee Pods and Straws are approved for use in Lomi Smart Waste Appliance

Smile Compostable Solution's Coffee Pods and Straws are approved for use in Lomi Smart Waste Appliance

January 18 - 2023

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Smile Compostable Solution's coffee pods and straws are now Lomi approved – making it that much easier for consumers to make a positive environmental impact while drinking a gourmet cup of coffee. The approval is for non-food compostable items that can be broken down by Lomi, an innovative machine that sits sleekly on your countertop and works to make composting waste a simple, speedy, mess-free process. With the push of a button, Lomi turns food waste (and now, your Smile pod) into Lomi Earth that can feed your compost, lawn, garden or houseplants. 

The US sends more food waste to landfills than any other material, accounting for 15% of the country's methane gas emissions. Lomi makes reducing your waste easy. The machine simulates and accelerates the composting process and produces nutrient-rich earth in as little as four hours. It's a convenient, odor-free way to keep your waste out of landfills.

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Smile's entire pod can be thrown straight into the machine after use. With more than 112,837 households already using Lomi to reduce their food waste, composting couldn't get any easier. All of Smile's products, including our home compostable straws and pods that are compatible with Keurig and Nespresso Original brewers, are now Lomi Approved. 

"We love what Lomi is doing to encourage composting at home," states CEO and Co-Founder Michael Sands. "It fits well with our goal of helping to reduce the 15 billion single-use plastic coffee capsules burned or going into landfills each year. This sustainable, single-use coffee experience is a convenient substitute for consumers."

Michael Sands CEO and Co-Founder

Michael Sands CEO and Co-Founder

"We're excited to work with Smile Beverage Werks and our Lomi Approved partners," says Matt Bertulli, Lomi CEO. "We want to make it easy for families to make the best, most sustainable decisions for their home and lifestyle."

Lomi approved products meet third party standard compost certification requirements and are tested to ensure products break down after a single Lomi cycle. The mark is meant to make it easy for users to determine which products can be composted. 

Smile Beverage Werks, PBC is a Delaware Public Benefits Corporation d/b/a Smile Compostable Solutions. Smile utilizes its compostable materials for solutions in food packaging, including single-use coffee pods, straws and bags. Founded by Michael Sands and Frank Schuster, Smile's compostable pod won the first-ever U.S. Plastics Pact Sustainable Packaging Innovation Award. The company produces all plant-based, compostable and carbon neutral products.

Lomi is on a mission to eliminate 10 Billion pounds of waste from the global waste stream. As a Certified B Corporation, Climate Neutral Certified business, and member of 1% For The Planet, Lomi researches and develops the most innovative products toward one goal: creating a waste-free future.