Rap Icon Jadakiss joins his father and son to build a coffee business empire

Rap Icon Jadakiss join his father and son to build a coffee business empire

December 28 - 2022

Coffee Geography Magazine

Coffee has been an important part of the Phillips family as early as 1977, when Bob Phillips had his start in the business. Quickly intrigued by the various blends, roasts, complexity, and history of the bean, Bob began what is now three generations deep. 

The passion and influence of coffee are inherited by Jason Phillips, widely known as Jadakiss. Through his own routine exposure throughout his career and everyday life, the Phillips family love of coffee is adoringly sustained through his son, Bob's grandson, Jaewon. 

The Grammy-nominated artist, Rapper Jadakiss, whose real name is Jason Phillips has recently joined forces with his son and father to build up a new grind, Kiss Café

The coffee business brings together three generations of Black men to foster love, tradition and legacy. The venture is an extension of all three men who all have grown a passion for coffee throughout their lives.

Packaged in a sleek matte-black exterior Kiss Café's "Beijo" blend, available online, is sourced from South and Central America, said Bob, 69, who has been in the coffee business for more than 40 years. And in the spirit of hip-hop bravado, Bob claims those places have the "best coffee in the world."


"We want to share the love," he said "There's a lot of love and a lot of hard work that went into developing this blend." 

"It is not for the coffee snobs, as my dad likes to say," said Jadakiss, 47. "It's for the everyday coffee drinkers. We could have put it in Bergdorf Goodman and Saks and Neiman's, but we wanted it to be in a price range where the average working person can afford it." 

Jaewon, 26, added, "Everybody needs a cup of Joe in the morning. It's a good fat burner. It's a good price." He continued, "It's for the family. It's for the love of coffee." 

The family's affection for coffee is not just the love of its flavor but from Bob's years in the industry.

The patriarch's experience in the coffee business traces back four decades, he said, and has been vital in supporting his family since before Jadakiss was born. 

Bob has also been chief of Caturra Corp, an importing and trading firm specializing in green coffee, since the late 1990s. Kiss Café is the natural progression of his hard work and exemplifies him "passing the torch" to help his offspring build generational wealth. 

"We're talking about generational knowledge here. [Kiss Café] is a way of passing on the knowledge that I have and the passion that I have for the product," he said. "I think it's every parent's dream to have their kids follow them." 

Despite Jadakiss being the face of the brand, Jaewon is taking the reign of the business and its future. An alum of Clark Atlanta University, he has worked with Bob's firm since 2018. Jaewon's familiarity with the industry, his knack for branding, and his social media expertise has helped Kiss Café shine, his grandfather noted. And when it launched earlier this year, orders were pouring in. 

"The first week, we were getting hundreds daily," Jaewon recalled. "It was a lot, a little overwhelming, but once we got it under control and got a system going, it was perfectly fine." With both his father and grandfather solidified in their respective fields, growing up Jaewon said he learned the value of listening and perseverance, which has helped him succeed in his role in the business. They taught him "to be prepared" for any opportunity that comes his way. 

"He has four other siblings," Jadakiss said, adding that he instilled the importance of earning "your keep, investing and saving."