Dubai Coffee Festival to host 1,000 brands from 30 countries

Dubai Coffee Festival to host 1,000 brands from 30 countries

December 8 - 2022

Coffee Geography Magazine

From January 11-13, coffee lovers can taste, evaluate, and compare bean variants from across the world.  More than 1,000 international, regional, and local brands from more than 30 countries from around the world will participate in the World of Coffee Expo in Dubai from January 11 to 13, 2023. The three-day event in the United Arab Emirates, organized by DXB Live and the World Coffee Association, will bring together coffee industry leaders and experts – including farmers, traders, brewers, distributors, coffee shop owners, and enthusiasts of the most popular hot drink in the world. In Dubai, there are 615 coffee trading companies, following a 148 percent year-on-year increase in issued licenses in 2021. A recent study by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce revealed that the value of retail coffee sales in the UAE was over $980 million.


The event will include a Brew Bar, where visitors can immerse themselves in the world of coffee and enjoy delicious drinks prepared and served by volunteer baristas. A tasting room will allow coffee lovers to taste, evaluate, and compare coffee variants to determine the quality and potential of each product. 

A village of roasters will allow micro-roasters to meet customers who can taste roasted coffee, and it will also present recent developments in coffee sourcing, handling, roasting, brewing, and distribution. 

 Several major international brands will participate in the World of Coffee Dubai 2023, which will host many regional and local brands as well as those headquartered in the UAE. Notable participating countries this year will be Brazil, Greece, France, Colombia, Turkey, Switzerland, Singapore, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Jordan, Indonesia, India, Georgia, and possibly even Ukraine.