illycaffè unveils the X9 Iperespresso machine for the holiday season

illycaffè unveils the X9 Iperespresso machine for the holiday season

December 2 - 2022

Coffee Geography Magazine

illycaffè unveils the X9 Iperespresso machine for the holiday season. With a smart frontal operation and capsule system, the X9 coffee machine is extremely compact, solid and easy to use. Made from precious materials and a result of a complex production, it involves the use of a 6-cm-long aluminum bar, masterfully transformed into an unprecedented elliptical shape.

Characterized by its small size, it is perfect for any corner of the home or office, the machine is equipped with an electronic card, in-cup lighting during dispensing and controls that allow to store and select two volumes of espresso, guaranteeing a perfect result in the cup every time. The X9 has a refined addition with its chrome-plated aluminum body finished with a modern touch, in black and in classic illy red. 

The X9 is on sale on the illy e-shop, in single-brand outlets (illy Caffè and illy Shop) and at selected retail outlets at the current recommended price of €299.00. Illycaffè S.p.A. is an Italian coffee company specializing in espresso, headquartered in Trieste. The company markets its coffee globally in silver and red pressurized, oxygen-free cans; operates a network of cafes on shopping streets, in museums, and in airports; and, since 2009, has marketed a line of coffee-flavored energy drinks as illy issimo.


Either as whole beans or ground coffee, Illy offers medium, dark, and decaffeinated roast variations; as well as single-origin arabica variations, as available; each from Brazil, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Tanzania or India. Seasonally, the company offers Idillyum, a low-caffeine arabica grown in El Salvador. The company packages coffee as whole beans, pre-ground coffee, ESE pods, and iperEspresso capsules. 

Illy was founded in 1933 by Francesco Illy, remains family-controlled and employs more than 2700 employees. 

It was founded by Hungarian Francesco Illy, born in Temesvár in the Austria-Hungary Empire, what is now Timișoara, Romania. Illy later moved to Trieste during World War I as an officer in the army. After the war, he remained in Trieste, which had recently come under Italian rule, and in 1933 set up a cocoa and coffee business, eventually concentrating on coffee. Focusing his interest on espresso, in 1935, Illy invented the first automatic coffee machine which substituted pressurized water for steam, marketed as the illetta, the predecessor of contemporary espresso machines.

Francesco Illy (Illy Ferenc), the company's founder, in 1930

Francesco Illy (Illy Ferenc), the company's founder, in 1930

Illy developed a packaging system to preserve coffee, where coffee-filled cans are pressurized with nitrogen, to prevent oxidation. Illy coffee was soon marketed outside the Trieste area and was eventually marketed throughout Italy. 

After World War II, control of the company passed to Ernesto Illy (1925–2008), the son of the founder, who started a research laboratory that would ultimately develop numerous inventions and patents. As a scientist and researcher, Ernesto Illy established cooperative agreements with universities and research centers and promoted coffee globally.

Ernesto's son Andrea Illy is currently the company chairman, and Andrea's sister Anna Illy and brothers Francesco Illy and Riccardo Illy are on the board of directors. 

In 1999, Illy established the University of Coffee, Unicaffe, in Naplesto support education, research and innovation related to coffee.The University was later moved to company offices in Trieste. The Unicaffe network currently has 27 branches worldwide.